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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

Townhall fox MKH has linked this hilarious video from National Lampoon, the most politically incorrect group ever, only they could go here and get away with it.

Should they make it a movie? Actually a pretty tough question to answer when you take things into consideration... What do y'all think? I guess we'll see as this video goes viral.
Meanwhile President Bush vetoed stem cell legislation again, good. The argument is not about stem cell research which the government funds, it is about embryonic stem cell research and the creation and destruction of the very beginning of human life to harvest these cells and our tax dollars would subsidize it. That is not right and Kudos to President Bush for the veto proof veto. I am not an expert but all the major advancements I have seen in stem cell research have come from adult stem cells, umbilical and placental fluids, and recently from out own skin that do not require cloning or destruction of an embryo. Of course this has nothing to do with actually helping people it is more about breaking down the barriers to eugenics and the control of life from birth to death, think Huxley's "A Brave New World". This is typical of the secular left, devoid of God they seek to take His Hand and control life. I just believe in the sanctity of the greatest gift, Life. Check out this site from Regent University, you will have to do some clicking to get all of the site but it is worth it. The text is here if you prefer to read. My prolife friends will want to check it out.
Just Like the embryo destruction program we are told is for our good, the Global warming cloud is being shot down, turns out it was a hydrogen filled gas balloon, Al Hindenburg Gore. Last seen over the Himalayas and losing altitude due to cold temperatures. The left does not want to help us nor do the Muslims, they want to control us, tax us and make us their serfs by removing private property rights. The only interest the left have in the people is their money and ability to hold power through serfdom welfare tactics. The left wants to control the poor and middle class so that they will remain in power by killing the folks we rely on , small business, big business and energy so that we will turn to them for relief so they can tax the productive some more. It don't work and the left is fixing to get slapped and hard. America does not like taxes or blatant liars and the Dems are proving to be taxers and liars about it, spenders and hiding it, go Nancy go, ride that donkey.
Dang, I just pictured San Fran Nan mounting a donkey, keep it clean but send your best photoshop. If I knew how I would, Ms. Gabor in "Green Acres" comes to mind.


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