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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Roundup:Updated

Down in the meadows with team Volcano on a previous trip, the cabin is about a mile that way, Mt.Gabbro is the prominent peak, Yosemite National Park just beyond the saddle in the distance.

Our local jungle gym/bouldering site, we have some really nice routes put up, v4 for those that know or care with some cool full dynos, that is a flying leap for a hold for those that don't know.

There is lots and lots of good trout fishing as well in the meadow, rainbow, brown and brook with some real lunkers lurking, a buddy pulled a 22" brown out a couple years ago and I have caught one of each in three casts. Yumm, my taste buds are tingling already just thinking about fresh trout for breakfast.

The cabin, this is for newer readers older ones have seen it before, the USFS wants us to change the color before the 99 year lease will be renewed along with some other things. We will kiss their tail to keep this lease for sure, of all the cabins up here, this one by far gets the most use. I am just a friend of the owner but I have free use access besides there is ample free camping near by as well as a NFS campground.
Many thanks to my readers and their support for my amateur efforts at photo-journalism, combining two hobbies I enjoy, and yes I consider bloggers that take their posting seriously and cover a topic or topics journalists. Big trip coming up next weekend to the cabin for spring maintenance and a coat of paint and I intend to hit a few historic sites other than the cabin itself, as my route will take me through the Mother Lode region, along the North and East shore of Lake Tahoe down through the Carson Valley to Bridgeport and on return I might take the southern route around the South and West shores. Spurs I plan on taking are a ride back in time to Bodie and a visit to the Cartwright house of "Bonanza" fame, that should be fun. Hey Dragon Lady any other side trips you might suggest since you know the region? Usually I drive through intent on my destination and in a hurry to get there, rushing through some of the most beautiful areas of California and Nevada after a long days work and at night. I plan on poking this time because I own my time and a big contract just came through, grin, besides it is far more fun to stop and smell the roses or relax in a natural hot spring. Friday Frolic and the Rambler will be missing this week but the Roundup should make up for it.

Update: Dragon Lady has posted this video and as a Metallica fan I am hootin' and hollerin',LOL.

Rock on America, Rock On!!!

Update:My buddy, Amy, has some great posts up and the following videos are in her hattip jar.

The Palistinian woman makes it clear,"It is one thing when they are killing Jews and another when they kill their own people",just listen.

Rock On Amy Rock On!


Gayle said...

I've seen the first video, Goat. ;)

Actually, I've also seen the other two. They are all great videos.

I love the pictures you post. We don't have many boulders around here and I miss them. When I drove my daughter to Phoenix for college there were lots of boulders. We stopped at a rest area in New Mexico and there were boulders everywhere. It was beautiful. One of the women tourists kept hollering at her husband, "get back in the car! This is scary!" Scary? LOL! I guess she thought those boulders were going to roll down the mountain and crush her. Good grief! Jessica and I stayed there for almost an hour snapping pictures.

Bar Kochba said...

Great pics. I like you blog. I'll link to you if you link to me.

Goat said...

Funny girl, I got the first video from your site. Did you ever get down to Bishop when you lived out here? That is my favorite spot in the US so far.

Goat said...

Welcome to the Barnyard Bar Kochba, the more voices for Israel the better. Are you a Rabbi? I consider myself an old school Christian, before we had a Church, a follower of Torahnic or Moseanic law that follows Christ. Your insight will be be greatly appreciated as this summer progresses, it seems war is coming for our mutual homeland birthed by a desert pirate. I am proud to declare alliance with you my new friend. We need to find you a classy Barnyard nickname,readers....?

Goat said...

Bar, would you be open to a study of the Torah and the Old Testament with an unafilliated old school Christian somewhere between the Vatican and Jerusalem. I would like to bring the Barnyard Bible Study back to life and having a Jewish scholar on board through the Torah would be am awesome blessing, if you are willing.

Goat said...

Whatever PL, after you have read Dr.Sowell's "Applied Economics" you can check back on the economic question, untill then, shoo fly.I don't have time to chase you around so prove that socialism works, it seems a drastic failure to me. First you have to demonstrate the intellectual capacity to post here, so far you have failed miserably and I have given you multiple chances and you failed to use them , now you whine and cry like a typical victimocrat,whiney loser, go away, you will not see your words posted here unless they make cordial sense. It is my site and it will be edited as I see fit, so go suck on a dill pickle. It may sweeten ya up some. Maybe y'all should spend some time improving your own sites before attacking a site beating the ratings stripe off from you by hundreds of thousands and millions. Go home little girl untill you have something to offer.

Goat said...

PS: Pl, someone without the courage to admit their sex or even to visit from your own site is funny and you want me to take you seriously, right.

Trader Rick said...

Hey Goat, thanks for the cool pics and videos. Keep up the good work. I have ordered a Thompson '08 t-shirt for you. Will XL do?

Goat said...

Thanks Rick, I would wear it, I believe in not bashing fellows to the cause. That is why I get mad at Mitt bashers and Rudy bashers, this is a big tent party not an exclusive country club. I even do my very best to keep myself from going after McCain. I would fully get behind him were he the candidate. I think it is between Mitt, Rudy, Fred and Newt and even as a staunch Romneyite I welcome the debate and may the best man win. I will not attack a fellow member of the GOP.
Rick, I like Fred and the policies he puts forth and his persona but live on the stump he is lacking a bit of spark, he better find it quick or he will fizzle like a July 4th sparkler. I look forward to the debates with just Mitt,Rudy,John,Fred and Newt as that is the true GOP field.

Goat said...

I have deep long grown roots for supporting Mitt and they are uprooted easily.

Goat said...

Are not uprooted easily, oops,,,