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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If Mitt Romney Is Not Conservative:Updated

How did he assemble this stellar team of faith and values heavyweights? Here is a short list;

The Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Chairs:

- Dr. Robert Andringa, President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Arizona
- James Bopp, Jr., Romney For President Special Adviser on Life Issues, Indiana
- Barbara Comstock, Former Department of Justice Spokesperson and former Susan B. Anthony List Advisory Committee Member, Virginia
- Mark DeMoss, President, DeMoss Group Public Relations, Georgia
- Ovide Lamontagne, New Hampshire
- Chris Long, Chief Operation Officer, Foster Friess & Associates, Delaware
- Gary Marx, Executive Director of the Judicial Confirmation Network, Former Executive Director of the Virginia Christian Coalition, Bush-Cheney '04 Conservative Coalitions Director, Virginia
- George Seay, Co-Founder and CEO, Annandale Capital; Co-Founder and Chairman, Legacy, Texas
- Jay Sekulow, Constitutional Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate, District of Columbia
- Lou Sheldon, President, Traditional Values Coalition, California
- Matthew Spalding, Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center For American Studies, The Heritage Foundation, District of Columbia

This doesn't include vice chairs, Mitt has built quite an organization of highly committed people in the conservative movement that know the man, not the MSM narrative. (Hattip: Hugh Hewitt) Mitt is also a highly successful business man in the highly competitive and risky field of venture capitalism, the basis of our economy. I have had my eye on Mitt since he saved the Utah Winter Olympics, and my rare coblogger Lisa is in Boston, whom I have known since his gubernatorial campaign. She has been busy with BAR exams of late and the preparation needed for them so she has been absent but I would expect her back as the campaign builds this Fall. As I have said many times, I am with Mitt Romney through the primaries and then will throw in whole hog with the GOP nominee, no matter who it may be, all the top runners would be very good.
I have followed presidential politics quite closely for a long time, first as an independent libertarian and now as a crunchy conservative, meaning I take an individual initiative towards a cleaner planet, not a government one.
I cannot buy Al Gore's and the global warming zealots' arguments, my Godfather is a geophysicist, and I scoffed at them a few years ago when they were first brought up. It is nought but the latest Socialist scheme to rape the US economy for billions of dollars. I have to hand it to Bush for out maneuvering his Euro foes on Kyoto and now it is dead.
Biofuels is dead as sustainable energy, and we need to increase drilling and refinery capacity dramatically not only for domestic reasons but strategic ones as well. For all the pipe dreams of the moonbats out there the Hummer is in the end more economical than the Prious hybrid, besides the plant that produces its batteries is the biggest cause of acid rain in Canada. I drive a 4x4 PU for a reason, I like to go where they can't and my job requires it.
The Dems and the Greens remind me of Wile E. Coyote, their best laid plans always blowing up in their face, umm Bill Clinton suggesting sod roofs. No thanks, I use the same insulation the space station and NASA use and will install 21st century solar panels not third world mud on my roof. I have seen some really cool cave type 'ecohomes' in design and architecture magazines, in the right setting they are great but I am not putting a cactus garden on my roof, front lawn, sure. They are losing it as their arguments are ground into the dirt with facts.

Update: A 9/11 impact study and computer breakdown from Purdue University offers a solid glimpse of the structural damage suffered by one of the towers as the plane tore through it. Use the link in the left corner to see the video, Very interesting!


Gayle said...

Great post, and yes, the left always seem to be exposed in the long run. I'm not putting a cactus garden on my roof either, but I do have them in my front yard. English Ivy would grow all over my roof if I let it, but I won't let it.

Even though you drive the vehicle you drive out of job necessity, we should have the right and the ability to drive what we want, even if it isn't necessary. Oil wouldn't be a problem if not for the environment wackos, and we would have plenty of oil if we would go for the trememdous amount of oil in the form of shale here in America. Alberta Canada is doing it and I don't see why we shouldn't do the same thing here.

Goat said...

Thanks Gayle, we have plenty of more available crude than the shale off both coasts and Alaska.The libs won't let us drill for it. The shale oil recovery is still too expensive to be viable, like hardrock gold mining. We have more energy tied up in coal in one state than in all the middle-eastern oil combined, the libs are trying to kill that source as well on their unfounded junk science, pseudo-religion.

Goat said...

I am not an ivy fan, to much work and to invasive,

Trader Rick said...

If you gave it a chance you would love Ivy, just as you'll come to love the only conservative with a chance to win, Fred Thompson.