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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Frolic: Updated With Video

Stop the presses, Mitt Romney once strapped his dog carrier on the roof of the family stationwagon on a family vacation back in '83 (ht:Hotair) and the loonbats are screaming this should be a reason for him to withdraw from the nomination. Only the wackiest of moonbat liberals would find this a story, geez if this all their best dirt diggers can come up with he must really scare the bejeebers out of them. He is squeaky clean as it gets. They are calling this animal cruelty but these are the same nuts at PETA that don't eat meat and compared chicken slaughtering to the Holocaust. He built a windscreen for it and I am sure the dog was quite happy with the view and smells, heck, where I am from, dogs still ride loose in the back of trucks. I see absolutely nothing wrong with transporting a dog in that manner and would do the same if need be. A far sight better than this clip.

Now real news, two car bombs have been found in London, Allahpundit at Hotair has the scoop, thank the Lord they got disarmed, one was in the busy nightclub district, the other had apparently been towed for some reason to a city towyard and reports indicate there maybe a third. If I were the Brits I'd start deporting a bunch of Muslims and their radical clerics.

Mike Yon has a couple new dispatches up from the battle for Diyala and Operation Arrowhead Ripper as does Bill Roggio. Michael Totten is always worth reading if you are interested in the Middle East, give these guys a tip in their paypal accounts if you are able. Mike T is trying to get to Iraq and Mike Yon's expenses are ongoing. One thing is for sure Yon is going to have mountains of pictures and notes of which to write a compelling history of the war if he survives to sit down and write it, keep him in your prayers for our soldiers as well. We are kicking tail and the citizens like our new strategy though it is more dangerous for the soldiers, getting out of the armored vehicles and talking to the residents using a surgeon's scalpel instead of a butcher's cleaver approach that we had used initially. Now I only hope congress doesn't turn off the lights before the surgery is complete. There is lots of good news coming from Iraq if you look beneath the blood on the frontpage but you will never see it in the MSM because it does not fit the narrative of a failed Republican war that they have been trumpeting since before it even started.

Kathleen Parker has a good essay posted comparing two faces we all know, "Rage Boy", the ubiquitous enraged Muslim and Paul Potts the Brit singing sensation, "The Beauty and the Beast". She puts an interesting spin on it.

For some Friday evening fun, some more Penn&Teller.

Update: The airshow at the local airport is this weekend, a few blocks from my house, I will head over and get some pictures of some vintage warplanes. A couple Flyboys from Beale AFB, always come by for a ground rumbling show and a little fun time in their birds, amazing stuff. They were practicing this afternoon, dang, that looks like fun, an old boss had a trick biplane and he used to take us up and try to make us sick doing tricks, best roller coaster I've ever been on, LOL.

Update: Here is the source of the Mitt Romney dog story, it is in part 4.
Update: Trader Rick has something to ponder up.


WomanHonorThyself said...

ha what would we do without libs for amusement Goat!..:)

Goat said...

LOL Angel, I don't know what we would do but you know life don't work without opposites.