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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits:Updated

Its that time of year, the naked bike ride in San Francisco, Zombie has the lowdown. Planting my naked rear on a bike seat has to be at the very bottom of anything I would want to do but hey it is San Fagcisco, if gerbils are cool......

The lizardoids over at Little Green Footballs have pulled out this video of an interview with a British immigrant about her ex-husband's actions as a jihadi.

Meanwhile in the Middle-East, Michael Totten has much on what is going on between Lebanon and Syria, don't miss this great book interview with Barry Rubin and his "The Truth About Syria".
If you can throw a tip in his jar at paypal, he deserves it.
TownHall fox Mary Katherine has some pics up from the unveiling of the Memorial to The Victims of Communism and she has promised some video, the next Hamnation, hmm...?

Amy has this to add to tonights tidbits
Hey we do have some friends around the world, east of the iron curtain.


Amy P said...

That naked bike ride is just more than I needed to know!

Goat said...

It is just the wacky state I live in Amy and so typical of the moonbats in SF.

Trader Rick said...

thanks for the videos.