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Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Frolic:Updated

(hattip:Woman Honor Thy Self) So tiny and in need of Dad.

Ahh, The US Open has teed off and Oakmont is winning, not the players the course. It is brutally penal with bunkers and knee deep rough and anything can happen over the weekend as the pressure builds. Sunday should be fun with doubles and triple lurking and few birdies to be had, the leaderboard will be busy for sure.
I find it interesting that the E-mail that Lisa posted below was sent out on the same day that Mitt Romney spoke at the National Right to Life Conference. The speech is here and here is an excerpt. Here are a couple other links you may wish to peruse, here and here.

"I am humbled to be standing among the many who have toiled for the pro-life movement for so long, when I arrived at this place of principle only a few years ago.
I appreciate the decades of dedication and the effective advocacy of people like Jim Bopp, the Special Adviser to my campaign on life issues.
I know that it is not time but conviction that unites us.
I proudly follow a long line of converts – George Herbert Walker Bush, Henry Hyde, and Ronald Reagan to name a few
I am evidence that your work, that your relentless campaign to promote the sanctity of human life, bears fruit.
Consider the double standard at work here, by the way. When a pro-life figure changes to pro-abortion, they get praised for their courage. But when someone becomes pro-life, the pundits go into high dudgeon."

Could that e-mail have come from the McCain or Brownback campaigns? Patrick Ruffini seems to think so and note that McCain snubbed another conservative convention while Mitt is winning friends at these appearances. He is so ethically clean and such a perfect example of a successful business and family man this is all they have to attack him, and it is a very weak attack at that.
Big Fred sent in a video message.

Update Shock: House passes Tancredo measure to deny emergency funds to sanctuary cities. (234-189). This should send a message to the Senate and is a major victory for Tom. Looks like the House Reps. are hearing loud and clear from their constituents, enforce the damn law before we will even consider an amnesty or Z-visa or worker-program. 9 GOP voted against 48 Dems voted for, it appears the issue splits their party more than ours, Nancy has a problem herding cats other than by fattening them with rich pork broth.
Rep. John Campbell reports that the RSC has enough votes to sustain any spending veto by the President as the Dems have marked up appropriation bills with thirty thousand(30,000) earmarks and tried to hide them. Minority leader Boehner reports that the GOP has managed to thwart them at this sneak attack. Has the elephant found its spine?
Update: The multi-talented crew at HotAir have their new Vent posted and it is definately one of their best ever. I hope they release the embed code, this is great.
Comedy Hour Update: Dragon Lady Gayle has Fractured Friday posted and as always worthy of a visit, good conservative humor is hard to find and she tracks it down, so does Patty and her pals at This That and Froghair.


Trader Rick said...

Abortion is murder. That's been clear to me from the start. I don't know what moral concept change one has to go thru to realize that...

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw thanks for the link hun!