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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

About That UN School Israel Hit

The media and the moonbats, I know that's redundant, are all in a tizzy over an UNRWA school where 30-40 "civilians" were killed by Israeli artillary. What they don't tell you is that there were several Hamas terrorist bodies among those dead and that Hamas was firing mortars from the school. The pig humpers that are Hamas are well known for using schools, mosques, hospitals and other places where civilians congregate to store weapons or use as firing positions for those weapons in the hopes that the IDF won't fire on them, cowardly bastards. They do this in the hopes civilians will get killed so they can then use the incident for propaganda purposes knowing their useful idiots in the western media will pick it up and run with it and the international community will then blame Israel.

There are reports that Hamas even had the building wired with explosives and may have lured the civilians into it promising safety and then purposely fired morters from it knowing the IDF would fire back. I sure would not put it past them that Hamas could have even set of those explosives themselves so they could blame the IDF, they are that cruel and deluded. Heck even the AP had to report that Gaza residents witnessed Hamas firing mortars from the school grounds and the IDF has video of them doing it, via Israellycool who has much, much more.

This was from Oct. '07 but it is still proof they use schools as launching points, note how the Hamas scum fire three quick rounds, hide the launcher in the school and then run away, effing pig humping cowards. Here is an IDF soldier spokesman explaining what happened and references the above video.

Plus here is an interesting piece from an Arab telling the palestinians to get over it, they lost and Israel won, time to move on. I should point out that Israel's Arab neighbors don't like the palestinians much either.

Update:The Muqata has much more info.


Tom the Redhunter said...

Great summary. The first news stories I saw about the UN school ignored terrorist activity also. It took awhile until I learned the truth about Hamas using it as a launching area.

Typical, isn't it? Both the media slant and the way Muslims fight.

Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...


According to the Community Security Trust, a group which protects Jewish people, there have been 24 incidents in Britain since December 29. This includes an arson attack on a synagogue in London.

"There has been a significant rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, especially when compared with what is usually a very quiet time of year for racist, anti-Jewish attacks," spokesman Mark Gardner said.

"It is a pattern with which we and the police are now sadly familiar, whereby hysteria is whipped up against Israel, and British Jews then suffer a wave of anti-Semitism." In the attack on the synagogue in Brondesbury north west London, arsonists tried to smash a window.

They failed because of the toughened protective glass. In another incident, a gang of youths in Golders Green, north west London, tried to enter Jewish shops on New Year's Eve while shouting "Jew".
Nearby, a Jewish man was pulled from his car and assaulted by three men, but not seriously hurt.

More at http://thurrockpatriots.blogspot.com/2009/01/europes-jews-face-marxist-wrath-over.html

Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Muslims have drawn up a hit-list of prominent British Jews to be murdered. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2103995.ece