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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Creates Jobs

With all the debate about the non-stimulus pork palooza generational theft act being pushed by Obama and his Democrat majorities under the guise of "creating jobs" it would help to look at what creates actual jobs. In a word, profit, not the government because every job the government creates is paid for by taking money away from the profitable private citizen or business.

A business or corporation, large or small, must make a profit to stay in business and the more money the government takes from them in taxes the less they have to invest in new equipment, new hires or better pay and benefits for their employees. Taking money away from investors who made a profit on their risk in the form of capital gains taxes prevents them from investing more of that money back into the system thus creating more jobs thus spreading and growing the wealth even more. This really is not rocket science folks but plain old barnyard horse sense.

Every dollar the government spends has to come from somewhere since it does not have a product or service to make a profit from so it must come from private industry in the form of taxes and/or fees of some sort. If the government wants to actually create real jobs they should cut corporate and capital gains taxes in half at least and leave the money in the pockets of those that created the jobs in the first place. That is what the GOP has proposed and were outright rejected by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Triumvirate in search of their socialist nirvana.

Now I agree that our national infrastructure could use some work but billions for bike paths, mob museums, std prevention, the National Endowment for the Arts and dozens upon dozens of the "projects" in this bill are not infrastructure or even close except maybe in a deranged moonbat's mind. We could open up our vast reserves of oil and natural gas while creating many thousands of high paying jobs and keeping hundreds of billions of dollars here in our economy instead of sending them over seas. We could build nuclear power plants, clean green cheap energy to power America into a cleaner more prosperous future with even more high paying jobs.

In short there is much we could do that would revitalize our slumping economy but the Democrats will have none of it. They are more concerned with paying off their special interest groups that donate money to them than in actually doing what is right for America.

I hope and pray the American people wake up and realize what the Democrats are doing, our future is at stake, our livelyhoods, our way of life could go the way of Cuba if we don't.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Everything is turned upside down. It will right itself as soon as the Libs stop kissing the President's sphincter and tell him that enough's enough.

Trader Rick said...

we be DOOMED!!