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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Good Reason To Treat Gaza Like Dresden

Hamas is booby trapping the entire strip in anticipation of an Israeli ground invasion including using women and children as shields and their version of "smart" bombs. There are no innocents in Gaza even the youngest are taught hatred for Israel so they should just be carpet bombed, there are no hearts or minds to be won there. The smart ones left already and made lives for themselves elsewhere. The women are vowing to blow themselves up among the "apes and pigs" and they wonder why Israel keeps the border crossings closed, from MEMRI via Gateway Pundit, Jihad Watch and Israel Matzav.

Following are excerpts from footage of Hamas female martyrdom-seekers in Gaza, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on December 30, 2008.

Masked woman clad in explosives belt: "I, the martyrdom-seeker Umm Suheib, have dedicated myself for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of redeeming my family, from which I have lost eight martyrs so far. I swear by Allah that I will turn my body parts into a fire that will burn the occupation soldiers, if they move towards my house.

"My beloved people, if Allah supports you, no one will be able to overcome you. We are confident of the support of Allah. There are thousands of martyrdom-seeking women like me, waiting for the occupier, in order to avenge these massacres. I pledge to my people that I will continue on the path of my family, and avenge the widows and the orphans. My people on the front-line, do not wait for any Arab president or king, but direct your appeal to Allah, the King of Kings. We are loyal to our oath, and will meet, Allah willing, in the paradise of eternity."

Masked woman holding rifle: "Allah said: 'Prepare against them what force and steeds of war you can, to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your own enemies.' We convey this message to the Israeli army high command, which bombards our sons day and night: We, the martyrdom-seeking women of Palestine, mothers as well as girls, are waiting impatiently for them to come. Allah willing, we will make them taste bitterness, if they move even an inch into our beloved Gaza Strip.

"I am the mother of two martyrs, and I will sacrifice myself as a martyr, Allah willing. I will turn my blood into bombs that will burn them. In every Palestinian home, a time bomb will await them. There will be days of battle between us, and this will be our opportunity to avenge our sons whom they have bombed, and the blood of the 400 martyrs who were killed in the headquarters. I am waiting for them.

My honorable people, have more forbearance and steadfastness. Your daughters march by your side on the path of Jihad and martyrdom."

Second masked woman holding a rifle: "If one of our men dies, a thousand men will set out in his place. We, the women, will set out. We are the granddaughters of Yassin, Al-Bana, and Al-Qassam. We are all the daughters of Palestine, the daughters of steadfast Gaza. We will set out, booby-trapped. From every home, a bomb will set out, and it will explode among the sons of Zion. We are no less than Fatima Al-Najjar and Rim Al-Riyashi [two Palestinian women who blew themselves up among Israelis]. We will blow ourselves up among those traitors, those apes and pigs."

Yes Israel can bomb its way to peace by wiping the Gaza strip clean of pig humping Hamas and its supporters despite what a terrorist sympathizer for the LA Times claims. Ace changed Israel to Hamas in her article and it makes more sense.


Trader Rick said...

Actually these people are lower on the evolutionary scale than pigs. Bomb them back into the stone age!

Tapline said...

We're still paying their leaders and probably sending in supplies also......Isn't this a repeat performance???Semms like we have been here before. I still remember the servicemen that were murdered on the hijacked aircraft...pitiful and they haven't changed only gotten worse as the generations of hate develop....stay well.....