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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Israel Sends Ground Troops Into Gaza: Updated

They know this will be a tough and dangerous operation since Hamas has been building tunnels and setting booby traps for at least two years. Reports are still pretty sketchy but there has apparently been some heavy fighting going on. Besides our own military the IDF is probably the best equipped and highly trained outfit there is and they know the tactics that will be used against them, IEDs and ambush attacks as the Hamas rats pop up out of their holes.

My readers of course know not to rely on our MSM to give us any straight reporting that isn't biased to some degree against Israel. The Jerusalem Post, Ynet and Ha'aretz are fair Israeli sources but as with the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts independent bloggers seem to have a lot more to offer. In this case Israellycoool, Mere Rhetoric, The Muqata , Israel Matzav and Meryl Yourish are the places to go for constant up to the minute updates on what is happening. Israel is a tech dense country so I am sure many other bloggers are posting on this as well. If you have a tip please post it in the comments.

All the same idiot asshats that had been organizing protests against the Iraq war now have a new conflict to scream and cry about as more terrorists get sent to meet their 72 virgin pigs. Atlas Shrugs has lots of pictures of the anti-semite, jihadi ass kissing protestors from around the US and the world. I guess they don't realize wailing and rampaging in the streets not only exposes them as fools but also hardens their opposition against them and even flips many who may have empathized with them the other way.
This is from San Franistan

They keep chanting "Free, Free, Palestine" but palestine has never existed so how can you free it if it never existed to begin with? Why don't they protest the fact that the other Arab countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt just absorb those palestinians and let Israel have its tiny slice of land? Its simple as Mile Totten wrote some time ago, the palestinians are the most hated group of bums in the Middle East and he lived in Lebanon for many years. Heck even Hezbollah doesn't like Hamas enough to help out and they are both proxies of Iran. In deed the only reasom there may be a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is because of Hamas and not Israel but the lefty moonbat protesters are historical illiterates as we here in the Barnyard have long known.

Update: This is an interesting developement, Hamas is killing Fatah activists in the strip, red on red bloodshed.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It's terrible what's happening over there. If the Libs in S.F. are so desperate to support Hamas, how about they join those terrorist thugs arm-in-arm when Israel bombs the $H!T out of them?

Remember Beslan said...

Muslims say they will murder Jewish children throughout the world http://tinyurl.com/83funy