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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moonbat Leftards Join Hamas Lovers In Jew Hatred Around The World

I will never understand why the radical left moonbats rally in support of radical islamists since their ideologies are completely opposite each other. The left loves to proclaim its support for women's rights, homosexual rights and all sorts of humanitarian causes while the islamists execute homosexuals, oppress their women and launch indescriminate attacks on innocent civilians. The moonbats seem to think Hamas is innocent and Israel is guilty for some odd reason I will never understand. Well their violent protests around the world will hardly win wide support for their claim that islam is a religion of peace when they burn cars, attack police, vandalize businesses and synagogues and generally behave like anarchist fascists.

The wonderful Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs has been covering all these violent anti-Israel protests and the peaceful pro-Israel counter protests with lots of pictures and videos so just keep scrolling. Jews all over Europe and alas even here in the US are fearing for their safety as those thugs get ever more violent in their protestations. What islamophobia, how about rampant anti-semitism? Will those perps be charged with hate crimes the same as if those attacks had been made on muslims or blacks? I doubt it though hate crime is the only way to describe them and here I thought the leftards were all against hate. I guess I was wrong.

Jim at Gateway Pundit has more on the rampant Jew hatred and anarchist violence of those protests.
Also don't miss this Mark Steyn column on "The Oldest Hatred"

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Marshall Art said...

Steyn, as always, hits the nail one the head. I'm currently embroiled in a debate at my blog over such nonsense as "proportional" warfare. Apparently it's disproportionate to tolerate constant shelling over a long period, then respond to it militarily, and efficiently, because after all, Hamas is incapable of hitting enough targets to kill enough Jewish civilians. The defense of Palestinians and their suffering at the expense of Israeli suffering and their sacrifices to avoid civilian deaths is way past old.