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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Democrat Spending Palooza Passes With Only Democrat Votes

The House liberal goodie bag generational theft act passed 244-188 with 11 Dems joining all the GOP in voting no on Pelosi's crap sandwich of a non-stimulus lard bill. If it now passes the Senate Obama and his Democrat majorities will own the biggest deficit in our history in Obama's first couple months in office. The deficit will be larger than the entire Federal budget was in Bush's first year, good work Dems. I wonder where all the moonbat trolls are that were crying about the deficit under Bush? I wonder what the people who voted for Obama will think when this doesn't create or save any jobs?

Now it's time to melt down the Senate switchboard like we did on the amnesty bill and stop it there if we can. The economy will turn around without this huge debt load on future generations. If you have a GOP Senator or a Dem. Senator in a red state call and urge them to oppose it and make Obama and the Dems own it, don't let them have any bipartisan cover for when it fails to stimulate the economy. As the Wall Street Journal said today its just a wish list of liberal spending that's built up over 40 years. This is not responsible governance but more like spoiled rich kids in a toy store with credit cards they don't have to pay for.

The larger fiscal issue here is whether this spending bonanza will become part of the annual "budget baseline" that Congress uses as the new floor when calculating how much to increase spending the following year, and into the future. Democrats insist that it will not. But it's hard -- no, impossible -- to believe that Congress will cut spending next year on any of these programs from their new, higher levels. The likelihood is that this allegedly emergency spending will become a permanent addition to federal outlays -- increasing pressure for tax increases in the bargain. Any Blue Dog Democrat who votes for this ought to turn in his "deficit hawk" credentials.

This is supposed to be a new era of bipartisanship, but this bill was written based on the wish list of every living -- or dead -- Democratic interest group. As Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it, "We won the election. We wrote the bill." So they did. Republicans should let them take all of the credit.

There are a handful of worthy projects in the bill that could be taken in under the normal appropriations process maybe 100 billion worth but the rest is just pork for liberal special interest groups and socialist welfare programs. I am proud of the House GOP for standing united against this outright theft and redistribution of wealth.

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Trader Rick said...

It seems the older I get, the loonier the dimocrats get. Is it just me or is this trainwreck of a party totally insane?

At least 11 of them have some semblance of integrity. I wonder what will happen to them? And how did they escape getting caught up in the Obama Worship...

WEll maybe it's just another step toward their goal to total Socialism and turning us into a third world nation. Maybe we can get Foreign aide from the chinese.