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Monday, January 19, 2009

What Are You Doing On Inaugeration Day?

I am so sick of Obamania already that I am not going to watch or listen to one minute of the lovefest. I am going to do something really exciting like prepare my sales tax statement for the last year, well it will stimulate me enough to go split some more wood for the fireplace when I am done. I doubt I can send an IOU to the Ca. government as they are planning to do for taxpayer refunds.

I have to wonder if any of the of those in the media currently swooning over Obama will wake up anytime soon to look back at how idiotically biased they sound when Obama's economic policies bankrupt America. I remember when the MSM pitched a fit over the cost of Bush's '04 inaugeral but Obama is spending four times as much and not a peep only gushing adoration, aaack. The funny/sad part is a good portion of that expense is being funded by those bailed out Wall Street fatcats so taxpayers are paying one way or another to coronate the One.

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Trader Rick said...

We will be watching this hysterical , I mean Historical event until we gag...