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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GOP Opposition To Democrat Spendulus Palooza Growing

Obama has at least met with GOP leadership unlike Nancy Pelosi about his generational theft act he calls a stimulus package but has failed to win converts. Minority Leader John Boehner and his Whip Eric Canter are urging the GOP caucus to vote no on this massive pork barrel of spending that only stimulates Democrats and their interest groups. Obama rejected their ideas for business and capital gains tax cuts that would immediately stimulate the economy and refused to say that he wouldn't raise taxes to pay for it. Politico has a couple stories covering their meeting and while the GOP is being complimentary of Obama for coming to them they aren't going to roll over for him, I hope.

Obama and the Democrats keep saying the spending is for infrastructure like roads, bridges and electrical grid work and there is some of that in there but the vast majority of the spending is from their wish list. I don't know how money for the arts, contraceptives and groups like ACORN will stimulate the economy but there is billions in it for just that. Jim Manzi has one of the better takes on just what is in the bill and what it will do that I have seen.

A consortium of conservative groups and bloggers have put together a website where you can read the bill and various writings about it, Read the Stimulus, someone needs to.

Update: More here via Ace.

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Tom the Redhunter said...

I'm glad to see Boehner and Canter oppose the bill. It'll still go through, of course, but opposing it serves two important functions:

1) It puts us on record as opposing it so that when it doesn't work we will have something to stand on

2) It rallies the base. Right now conservatives are despondent and we need energy.

We have to look long term. We're not going to turn this around in 2010, I don't think. We have to look at 2012. Opposing the stimulus may seem a small thing, but you have to start somewhere.