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Monday, January 12, 2009

Joe The Plumber/Reporter Reports From Israel For PJTV

Joe is in Sderot which has been the focus of most of Hamas' rocket attacks on Southern Israel and gives as good a report as any you would see on TV. He has gotten some criticism from those high paid professional journalists because he dared to venture into their world to deliver stories they won't, good for him as he pokes them in the eye. He actually got to experience what the residents of Sderot have had to deal with everyday for several years now, an incoming missile attack while reporting from a house that had been hit earlier. Its good to see some reporting without the breathless spin but just good down to earth insight.

You do have to register, email addy and password, but it is free and worth the few seconds it takes. The video is here.

PS: Note when they have to run for the bomb shelter, Joe is about the last one in ushering in ladies first and then he and his camera man follow.

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