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Thursday, January 08, 2009

SEC vs Big 12

Florida and Oklahoma have sqauared off for the BCS Championship and who would have thought it would be a defensive duel for two of the highest powered offenses in college ball. Its only 7-7 at halftime with two great goal line stands by Florida to deny OU any points. This is a great football game by any standard.

Go Gators!!!

YES, Florida wins 24-14, they may have beaten my Crimson Tide but the SEC retains the Title as the best conference in the game. We know how to play defense as OU found out the hard way. I also have to say the more I see Tim Tebow play the more impressed I am, he willed his team to victory and don't get in his way. The guy is a class act of the highest degree.

Congrats Gators, thanks for making the SEC proud once again!

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Trader Rick said...

THANKS, GOAT! We were at the game and it was really fantastic! OK never saw a defense like the Gators. Poor Stoops, that's like 5 in a row for him, losing BCS bowls that is...Tebow is coming back for his senior season, so look out boys!!!