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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Bye President Bush, Hello President Obama

Even though I did not watch the joyous coronation of the One I couldn't escape it entirely as its been all over talk radio and the blogosphere. From all appearances the transition went smoothly aside from some bloopers by Obama and Justice Roberts during the swearing in ceremony. Isn't it nice to live in a free country where transitions of power take place peacefully? Well at least when the transfer is from a Republican to a Democrat, in 2001 there were loud obnoxious protests by the moonbats, the President's car was egged and the walk down Pennsylvania av. had to be cancelled out of fear of riots. The Obamas were able to make the walk to the Whitehouse in peace and no one took a potshot at them.

Where all the rioting right wingnuts all the moonbat blogs were predicting? I guess they were at work carrying on like any other day and trying to ignore Chris Mathews and his tingly legs. Where was the coup that Bush and his goonsquad were supposed to pull off according to the moonbat blogs? Just like everything else moonbats believe they were wrong about that too it seems.

Today was an historic day as the first black man took the oath of office and our nation should be proud of that, we have come a long ways in the last fifty years. Barack Obama is now my President and I will afford him the respect the office deserves unlike the treatment offered by the moonbats to President Bush. I will applaud him when he does what's right for the country and respectfully oppose him when I believe his policies are wrong which is most of them if not all.

I am sure the moonbats will continue to be moonbats and when Obama doesn't come through for them on all his campaign rhetoric they will be crushed and outraged. It will be fun to watch Code Pink and the rest of the antiwar groups when he doesn't immediately pull out of Iraq, denounce Israel and surrender to Iran. Obama has a family that he loves and wants to protect that is now the number one target of jihadists around the world and he is smart enough to understand that. I am also sure the many security briefings he has recently received have given him a fresh perspective he did not have before.

Anyway I wish him all the luck in the world because he's going to need it, actually governing is not as easy as campaigning on empty lofty rhetoric and soaring speeches. The challenges he faces ahead are as difficult as any this nation has ever faced, our enemies will still hate us, the economy is struggling and Europe is still bassackwards.

Good Bye President Bush, I for one will miss you! You served with honor and grace and did what you believed to be what was right for our country. You kept us safe for seven years and liberated fifty million people from the worst of tyranny and showed them freedom's light. Enjoy your rest, you earned it!

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