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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sarah Palin Interview Excerpts

She sat down with John Ziegler for an extended interview for an upcoming documentary on media malfeasance during the presidential campaign. John McCain and his staff made a huge mistake in not just letting Sarah be Sarah and just turning her lose along with letting her choose what media she wanted to be interviewed by. Here is a bit of the interview that John has released, via Hot Air.

I have said before that I would be torn between Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin in a primary and I still am but I think Sarah is able to connect on a much more personal level than Mitt is able to. I do not think she should run for the Senate, why be 1 of 100 when you are 1 of 50 and run a significant State. She should run for re-election as Gov., a sure win given her approval numbers in Alaska and be ready for 2012 and 2016.


Marshall Art said...

I am not so torn. Romney over any Democrat for sure, but I have too many issues with how he governed Massachusetts to feel totally comfortable. However, he has indeed proven himself in the world of business and that needs to be prominent in a GOP led government. If Obama has the brains he likes us to believe he has, he could prove it by having Mitt on his economic team, instead of some of the lightweights he's already selected.

In the primaries I would choose Palin over Romney because of that connetion she'd immediately establish with the voting public. This would enable her to get across the stronger conservative values she champions already. Between the two, she's the more conservative in my opinion. Then SHE could tap Romney for a cabinet post.

Gayle said...

I agree with you, Goat. I think she should run for re-election as governor too. I agree that she probably connects with the people even better than Romney does. She says "also" a lot, but not nearly as much as Caroline Kennedy says "Ya know". I wonder if that's just part of an Alaska way of speaking or what. Please don't think I'm picking on Sarah. I don't personally care how many times she says "Also", but I know that the media will pick her apart for any reason whatsoever. They've already proven it! They should be extremely ashamed of themselves but we know they have no shame.