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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mitt Romney At The GOP Retreat

I don't mean retreat as in running away but to their annual conference. Mitt addressed the assembled members about the porkulus generational theft act and other topics dear to conservatives. Needless to say but I sure wish Mitt were sitting where Obama is today. Hugh Hewitt has his speech posted and I encourage my fellow conservatives to read it. Here are a couple highlights.

I have often been asked what I think the Republican Party must do to recover. What I’ve said is this: My first concern isn’t about our party—it’s about our country.

In fact, the two are closely related. The best way for us to advance the prospects of our party is to do what we know is right for the country. This is what the American people expect of us. And that’s what we should expect of ourselves.

This is a time of hardship and uncertainty for millions of Americans. The question is: whose leadership and ideas will turn things around. And in such a moment, it’s our job to offer the clear answers, the proven solutions, and resolute leadership that will make this country strong again.

The new President and the Congressional majority are having a difficult time doing that. After all, they have a lot of campaign rhetoric to make good on. And they’ve got plenty of special interests to pay back. As the opposition party, we’re entirely free to do what is right for the country. There are certain advantages to that kind of freedom, and I suggest we make the most of them.

Heck I could excerpt the whole thing its all good so just go read it.

On a related note Dan Riehl has a speech by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that is also worth reading. Mitch has taken a lot of undeserved heat from conservatives lately even though he ran circles around Harry Reid the last two years.

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