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Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a Beautiful Weekend

I have new neighbors to replace the trash that was there before, good red-staters from Nebraska. They invited me to housewarming party last night and I met a bunch of wonderful folks including the wife of a GI in Iraq, infantryman in the Al Anbar region, the trials showed on her face as we had a long talk as I of course offered my prayers and support which brightened her eyes and lifted her shoulders. One of Mike Yon's dispatches describes arriving at the scene of a massive IED that had mangled a hummer yet miraculously the occupants had survived with minor injuries, her husband was one of those men. He is now in Kuwait after completing his tour and is scheduled to return home soon! He has a beautiful daughter and wonderful wife. She said of course the soldiers want to come home but not until they have completed their mission and said his morale was very high. I can't wait to meet him in person and hopefully get a blog interview.
Speaking of Mike Yon his latest dispatch on the elections will be released tommorrow or you can read an abbreviated version at The Weekly Standard. He also updates on the little Iraqi girl with the bad ticker that the "deuce four" had found and chiseled through red tape to get her to america for treatment. She has had surgery to repair holes in her heart that caused very poor circulation and would eventually lead to loss of extremities and death. Today she is a pink not blue happy little girl within just days of the successful surgery. Her mother just quietly grasps her hands and smiles through tears as she looks at nailbeds that were once black and are now a healthy pink. This is just one of the millions of little stories of success you'll never hear in the MSM.

"Pam is a nurse at the Presbyterian Heart Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She’s also the mother of a soldier who just returned from Mosul, and Pam was one of many people in the US who chiseled through walls to arrange for treatment and support for Rhma and her parents. She sent this news:

Rhma did absolutely beautifully during surgery. Her oxygen saturation is now between 87 and 91 and she is pink! She looks like a different child. Her Mom just kept holding her hands, looking at her nail beds and smiling. She has been very stable and has not required any medications to keep her blood pressure up. She is still on the ventilator just to allow her to rest for the night but she'll be off it in the morning. I will keep you posted.

And then, the very next day, Pam added this news:
She's great today, off the ventilator, watching TV, and pink!"

More GWOT news from the Front
Do you want the same access to the press releases from CentCom that the MSM so distorts? Straight from the sands of Iraq or the mountains of Afganistan for your own perusal at your own time and pace ,well here is the page they all access . We are kicking Jihadi tail and taking names and then kicking more tail. On citizen tips and other gathered intel, the captured rat out their comrads with little effort on our part, we have taken out dozens of safe houses killed or captured hundreds of jihadi scum and confiscated hundreds of tons of munitions that won't go into IEDs. There are two available news letters from CentCom, one from them and a joint one from Coalition Forces, I signed up for both to be fair and accurate in my reporting. I am doing the same thing the MSM press corp do, read the dispatches and build a story around them. Bill Roggio at the Fourth Rail carried it a step further with deeper research and more contacts within the milbloggers, like Mudville Gazzette, Blackfive, Armor Geddon (one of my favorites) and many others (check their blogrolls). You have got to read some battlefield stories from the tanker at Armor Geddon, great reading on how to use an Abroms tank in urban combat. The guy really truelly loves blowing jihadis up and anything that goes boom and is a great and humerous writer. Sure there is plenty to read about Miers, Plame and business as usual in "the swamp" but when you can feel the titillation of destroying the pariah jihadis by reading these battlefield accounts , why bother with the nonsense?

For the story on the picture which says it all go here.

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