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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Frolic: Updated With Video

I know posting has been slow, making money takes the upper hand especially when you are self employed. Anyway I did get a chance to visit my favorite house to have worked in, a fabulous Greene&Greene mini-mansion, about 8,000 sf. including garage. It is the attention to detail that is stunning, I was out on a service call, and she was gracious enough to allow to roam around and take some pictures. This an awesome house and could take many many pictures but out of respect limited my roaming though my old shop has alot of glass art in this house. It has been written up in several design and trade publications. Here are a few highlights I was involved in personally.

Wood carvings festoon the exterior, this is by the back door to the backyard BBQers dream of an outdoor kitchen. There is also much excellent iron art about but I am into wood and glass and didn't get any shots. It is nice to be welcomed into this guild of craftsmen, it means I will not be short of work. I am bidding on work now in a spot that would make my buddy Gawfer whine.

For some size perspective of this skylight, the center dome is about 8ft. across, the vines are tomatoes, the source of their wealth.
Ames Straw Poll is tomorrow and as all know I am a Romneyite and am pulling for a big win. I look at what they have accomplished besides being a pol, what have they run? Ross Perot was my first and second vote for POTUS, why, because is a business man, Forbes in '00 and Bush '04, because they are businessmen. That is why I like Mitt Romney, he wants to get down to business to work for America, he is a very wealth, self made man and could retire at ease. He is volunteering, donate salary, to serve America and is willing to pay a steep price for it. Mitt is so clean it almost hurts him, so all his attackers have is nuanced positions on social issues, so I ask them, Mitt or Hillary, who would yoou rather be your President? Most critics of Mitt come from the left, not the right, check your sources, they are deathly afraid of him. Meanwhile, let's go on another cruise with Mitt, part II.

Iowa voters are not hicks, they are America and if Mitt rallies them big....
I would like to see Duncan Hunter win the second tier vote. Hucksters got a closet full of ethics and tax problems, and Brownback is just to in your face holier than thou, The nutty Dr. Paul could very well win this subrace by coming in second and therefore reminding the others to hunt or leave it to the big dogs, Rudy and Mitt, Fred???? Newt???? As college football fan, Mitt is behind because that is where the press wants hime to be,I don't trust them on football so why should I on politics?
Update: Dragon Lady is up to her usual Frday antics.Don't forget to stop by Amy's place as well for some war stories.


Goat said...

I mean everybody that talks with him or listens in person comes away as a supporter or more favorable. I was part of the recruit Mitt crowd three years ago and I am here now and if you read this blog you will know I am not a 'modern liberal' or 'progressive' by any means.

Gawfer said...


The only thing I'll whine about is you didn't post any pics of Indian Hill!

Hey, do you need a high dollar aaprentice?

Trader Rick said...

Have a nice weekend!