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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Rambler

No driving today after having been from Placerville to Paradise over the last couple days on the job.
So I will celebrate Mitt's big victory today in Ames, Iowa

1. Mitt Romney, 4516, 31.5%

2. Mike Huckabee, 2587, 18.1

3. Sen. Sam Brownback, 2192, 15.3

4. Tom Tancredo, 1,961, 13.7

5. Ron Paul, 1305, 9.1

6. Tommy Thompson, 1039, 7.3

7. Fred Thompson, 203, 1.4

8. Rudy Giuliani, 183, 1.3

9. Duncan Hunter, 174, 1.2

10. John McCain, 101, 1

11. John Cox, 41, .1

Total Votes
(Hattip:Polito's Jonathan Martin)He bllogs from there and it sounds like a fun, family oriented, political circus. Laura Ingraham is there as well and she, K Lo and the folks at NRO's The Corner and The Campaign Spot mix it up a bit as well. Huckabee and Brownback came in as I expected. I am disapointed Duncan Hunter didn't do better, the eventual nominee couldn't make a better pick for SecDef though or VEEP.
I am also glad Tom Tancredo beat Ron Paul after his supporters made such jerks of themselves.
Sam Brownback spent nearly as much as Mitt on the event got Mitt-slapped 2-1 and finished third, good, I like him the least of all the candidates, we need to weed the debates. I admire his pro-life positions, its the way he communicates it that irritates rather than resonates.
Mike Huckabee did well because his manner is down home and likable in rural Iowa, as a former Preacher he knows how to connect with people but he has more than a few scandals in the Arkansas Statehouse to make ethics watchers uncomfortable.
The next few weeks will prove interesting.

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