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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday This and That: Updated

Barnyard prayers go out to the families, friends and victims of the I35W bridge collapse, wow what a ride that would have been. I have seen video of the collapse and thank the Lord that the death toll is so very low considering what happened.
(HT: HotAir)
James Lileks a 'twin cities' columnist and blogger has the absolute best coverage being a great writer as well. I am not ruling out terrorism yet as this took out three major transit routes, the Hwy, the river and a railroad, if not, it's a damn lucky coincidence. From what I have gathered it would not have been hard to take out that bridge and there is a significant jihadi presence in that region, some of the best bloggers also live there besides Lileks, Powerline, Captains Quarters, NARN, Frater Libertas also base from there.
The moonbats are of course blaming Bush and spinning wild conspiracies already and DHS is playing stupid as usual.

As a contractor that has to know more than a little about structural engineering, living and working in an earthquake zone, I can say that a bridge of that type could be sabotaged quite easily, untraceable and with little skill level, and many jihadis are far better trained than I am. To add to the equation is that the GOP National Convention will be held there, hmm, plus chatter on jihadi sites?!?

Update: A treaty that needs to be LOST for good and buried in Davey Jones' Locker

Mrs. Giuliani sounds like a Madame Hillary of the GOP in this less than flattering piece in Vanity Fair, (HT:Matt Lewis), Ann Romney for First Lady!

Update: A couple really good reads can be found here and here.


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow Goat u covered alot of ground..lol..have a great weekend!:)

Gayle said...

I posted on the Minneapolis bridge collapse too. I posted during the first hour it was being covered on Fox News. A couple of my regular readers said it wasn't terrorism and that I was wrong. I don't think they read what I wrote, because I didn't say it was terrorism, I simply said that I suspected terrorism. To say it isn't terrorism at this point is also a leap. How do we know either way? What really gets me is that Homeland Security issued a definite statement that it wasn't terrorism within three hours of the collapse. How would they know? It hasn't even been inspected yet! Also, five section of this bridge collapsed. Have you ever heard of that, without it having been caused by an earthquake? To not be suspicious of terrorism in today's world is pretty foolish.

Another thing: I would truly like to know how many of the construction crew who were working on that bridge were Muslims? We're talking about an area with a high percentage of Muslims. There are ways to corrupt steal besides explosives. Acid, for one.

If we are building bridges in this country that are collapsing after a mere 40 years, then we are doing something wrong. I was watching the History channel only three days prior to this collapse. They were doing a program on Roman accomplishments. There are bridges the Romans built that are still standing and being used today. Doesn't say much for our construction techniques, does it?