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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Frolic

Taken from a ridge in route to Strawberry Peak, in the Angeles high above LA, a rainbow. is there gold at the end?
Michelle Malkin has a chat with Mitt Romney posted at HotAir. She asks alot about illegal immigration of course and she didn't have to really follow up much. Mitt is very good on an another key issue to American voters.
Part one:

Part two:

This maybe the issue that launches him to the front of the campaign as Rudy sued the Feds on behalf of 'sanctuary city' policies as Mayor, oops.

Amir Taheri has several very interesting pieces posted at Benador Associates on Middle-Eastern politics and its nature, we have to remember it ain't America and they have different ways of doing things. We criticize them for taking a break during the surge, but could it be they are using the relative stability now to talk to their constituents and build coalitions. That is exactly what seems to be happening in tribal jirgas, their town hall meetings and major progress is being made at the grassroots by the people tired of all the killing and destruction. Iraq is becoming that "little engine that could", shouldn't we be pulling for them not wanting to run away and desert them?
Iran, on the other hand, appears about to come apart at the seams. The mad mullahs don't let much out but they can't stop technology and the people hate them. I support the folks of Iran, they aren't the problem, it's their fascist regime that is, note last night's post and the left's support for the mullahs and Chavez.

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Gayle said...

Beautiful picture of a rainbow, Goat!

It amazes me how many support our enemies, and like Sean Penn or Cindy Sheehan, they are actually proud of it. Makes me wonder if they've been drinking Draino.

Blessings. Have a great weekend.