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Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Meltdown: Updated

Wow, AG Gonzo has resigned, good riddance, that is all I have to say on the matter, the Politico has all you want on the subject.
This is a grotesque bombshell though, a GOP Senator got caught and arrested for soliciting gay sex in a public restroom at an airport after soliciting an undercover officer investigating complaints of lewd behavior in said restroom. This is just sicko San Fransisco type behaviour and Sen. Craig(Id.) should resign in total disgrace yesterday, there is no room in the GOP for this type of pervert. I mean what type of fool would seek to have gay sex in a public restroom with a complete stranger, it says more about the faggots that ingage in this than it does about the GOP but it still hurts. I am just glad it came out now and not a year for now, he had already been targeted by a lefty group that wants to out gay republicans so that news is not new. At least he should resign and let Gov. Otter(R) apoint a replacement that can hold the seat in this red state.
Meanwhile more and more good news continues to pour out of Iraq at the speed of winter molasses but it is coming and when it does it sweet. We finally have grassroots planted and watered and they are starting to spread far rapidly than we could have dreamed just a few short months ago as local leaders are stepping up the task of securing their towns and neighborhoods and learning the ropes to work with the National Gov't. Time is all Gen. Petreaus and Iraq needs along with some international investment. With security in place, the very entreprenurial Arab people will go back to work, mills and factories are reopening all over Iraq's vast agricultural regions and the breadbasket of the Middle-East will come back quickly with the security and markets opening up. With those weak-kneed brits bugging out of Basra, it could/will become another big fight for us against Iranian backed proxies this time. We do have ongoing SpecOps there as well though and we should be able to get a handle on it pretty quick as we can move other surge troops in as Anbar and Diyala are cleared.
This is so saddly funny I had to post it, (hattip:Matt Lewis), my question is why does a southern belle from South Carolina have a SoCal "Valley Girl" accent? Poor girl, pretty and empty, like gag me with a spoon, she must have attended USC for college.

Sidenote: My 9th grade geography class final was a blank map of the world that we had to fill in the countries, major rivers, a major city, mountain ranges, and major bodies of water. I owe alot to that teacher and have told him so fairly recently. If you have a child fixing to enter High School, email me and I can point you to one of the very best in the nation in an idealic setting if a high quality private education is what you desire,pictures of the campus can be furnished, me Pops taught there.
A flashback: the Barnyard '05, glad to know my old comment section is still cached somewhere, TequilaRain is Lisa, cohost of the Barnyard, I wonder where Cindy is?
Update: I thought about roasting a lamb to celebrate the lunar eclipse tonight/tomorrow morning but decided to sleep instead, nobody wanted to get up and party with me before going to work, a good thing, lol. I might try to get up early enough to get a pic or two though since it is a cool celestial event.


Gayle said...

Gonzales may have not been the best we could have had for the job, Goat, but I don't think the Dems had the right to hound him like they did, not when you consider the fact that Clinton fired 93 attorneys. Talk about hypocrisy on the part of the Dems!

Regarding Senator Craig, I detest bad behavior on the part of the GOP even more than I do from the Dems. He is a disgrace!

Good news is coming out of Iraq, at last, and it's about time we are finally hearing about it. As bloggers we could find all sorts of good things that were taking place in Iraq, but the MSM was mute.

I saw that clip of this Southern Belle also. She's very pretty but I was embarrassed for her. For heavens sake, all she had to say was "It's because of poor geography being taught in the public schools of America." But she's young, she was under pressure, and perhaps she doesn't know how to find America on a map either. Shame on the public school system in this country!

We had clouds last night, so I didn't even bother trying to watch the eclipse.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day. :)

Cameron said...

Senator Craig is my old senator. I actually met him in high school. The whole thing is one big mess.

Bar Kochba said...

What a pervert! He belongs in the Democratic party- he should fit right in with the rest of the perverts, degenerates and traitors that make up that party.
I almost fell out of my seat when I saw that vid. Thank G-d she's purty...

Goat said...

Bar, he has a pretty darn conservative voting record opposing the gay movement, he gets a fat 0 from gay rights groups so it is very strange indeed. That is why the left is salivating like a rabid rat over the story they have been working this story since he was a freshman in '82. I am starting to smell a rat some how after looking around a bit. He has a reputation of being quite the gentleman.
As to, Miss SC, she did better on TV and was able to laugh at herself, she still sounded like she's from the San Fernando Valley and not So. Carolina, that is not a Southern accent, I am from Dixie and I love it's accent in women's voices as much as I do a British one, it holds an elegance like no other, IMO.

Trader Rick said...

I like her.

Gayle said...

I agree that she did not sound anything like a southern belle! Perhaps she has taken voice lessons. What a shame.

Please let me know if you should find out that Craig is not guilty of this. I hate this!