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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Well Tiger takes major #13 winning the PGA for the fourth time. I am not a fan but the guy is an amazing golfer. When he has the lead going into Sunday he is unbeaten but has never come from behind to win like some of Jack's or Greg Norman's famous Sunday charges. One day the record books may have only one name Tiger Woods except for victories in a season which is set in stone now.


My coblogger Lisa has a couple excellent posts below this one that are well worth scrolling on down to read. She makes some excellent points about Hillary and the Dems. Lisa knows politics as well as anybody and is our Boston insider.
Update: A little humor, frankly, I had never seen Larry the Cable Guy till tonight's '60 Minutes', that is why I am proud to be a redneck, we are able to laugh at ourselves, I love Jeff Foxworthy's schtick, conservative humor. Warning!!!Politically Incorrect Video

To Mitt, yes I Am!


Gayle said...

I've watched Tiger enough to know he is indeed a wonderful golfer, but one doesn't even need to ever have watched him to know that. I'd probably have to live in a cave without radio or television in order not to know it.

I enlarged your picture in order to see it better. I thought perhaps Tiger Woods would be in there somewhere. Is that him in that bush the dogs are surrounding? ;)

Goat said...

Gayle, luv ya, but that is a herd of goats, hey I must represent my constituents, lol.