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Friday, August 31, 2007

Progressive Paranoia: Updated With The Evil Genious Karl Rove

Oh the horror, what a great article by the Weekly Standard's Noemie Emery on the paranoid delusions the left tries to parlay off onto the GOP and the Conservative movement in general its pogroms and intolerance and Bush's desire to extend his presidency through unconstituional means. You tell me who's paranoid and actually using the language of fascist scare propaganda against religion. Here are the first and last graphs of this rather revealing expose' of the lefty's mind set.

The fascists are coming! Or rather, they're already here, installed in the White House, planning like mad to subvert the Constitution and extend their reign in perpetuity, having first suppressed and eviscerated all opposition and put all of their critics in jail. Thus goes the rant of America's increasingly unhinged left. If only, sigh many Bush partisans, wondering when this administration will get out of the fetal position and show some fighting spirit. To them, as to most reasonable observers, the White House shows the chronic fatigue of a two-term presidency reaching its final year. Nonetheless, paranoia about what Bush and Co. are up to preys on the minds of many progressives, who have progressed, in this case at least, beyond reason.
Let's give the last words to Mark Crispin Miller, as he told the blog Buzzflash in February 2006: "That sort of warped perception comes from extreme paranoid projectivity: the tendency to rail at others for traits or longings that one hates and fears inside oneself. .  .  . We're dealing with a movement that is anti-rational. It's faith-based .  .  . it's a movement that believes what it believes, and it believes what it believes is right. .  .  . It believes what it wants to believe. If it hears contrary evidence, it comes up with evidence of its own. .  .  . This is not a movement that the rational can ever shame into surrendering by merely demonstrating its illogic to its followers. .  .  . Paranoia .  .  . is based on fear, and therefore on a kind of 'logic' that's impervious to evidence and quite incapable of learning from experience. .  .  . Paranoia is an atavism, deep within us all."

Right you are.

Now that is irony at its best in a paranoid world where truth is conspiracy and conspiracy is truth. I am becoming much less worried about the '08 elections if this is the kind of idiots they have supporting them, in an attempt to describe what drives conservatism he indicts himself and the loony tune left.

Dang, Tony Snow is stepping down as WH Pressman, he had said when he started it wouldn't be for fullterm, we will miss you Tony, God Bless and God speed in killing that cancer! He won't be silent though, he will be speaking and writing and making very good money giving speeches and raising money for conservatives. This is the first WH official stepping down that I will miss. The reactions by the loonbats are typical at HuffPo and Kos, quite disgusting, I don't provide links to raving lunatics so you will have to look a little, Hot Air does provide a link where I first saw the story and video of the press conference.

Link: sevenload.com

Meanwhile Bill Ardolino is headed back to Iraq for another lengthy embed with the troops and JD Johannes is working on his second documentary after a lengthy embed and has bits of it posted on his blog, serious war porn. Jeff Emanuel is writing prolifically and has dispatches all over the place.
We are kicking ass and winning friends in a big way, a Police building in Ramadi is being named for the American soldier that turned the city around and is considered a martyr by the Al Anbar tribes, Captain Patriquin. Psst, that is a must read article!
Miss perky Katie Couric is headed over for two weeks of ratings shows for CBS with an exotic background. Is she going to touchy feely sitdowns with hardcore war fighters or citizens that have been severely disrupted by the war that are negative about America ? Will she tell the truth that she has no idea or spin it to fit her personal view as a pampered press princess? I'll stick to former war fighters deeply embedded like Mike Yon and Jeff Emanuel thank you. Funny that she thinks it safe enough now just before Gen Petreaus reports back to Congress and America that his surge and tactics are having a profound ripple effect throughout Iraqi society. She has a chance of a lifetime to become a solid news anchor and report the truth or to badly crash and burn further dragging down CBS News, once the most respected. To coin Bill O. what say you?

PS: Welcome new readers from the Thunder Run!
Update: Don't miss this great piece by Karl Rove on Pres. Bush's legacy, I tend to agree, even though I fought shamnesty, he brought it to the National stage thus highlighting the problem. Mr. Rove knows what he is talking about when it comes to politics.


Goat said...

I am thinking Karl and Tony leaving are goog things in a good way, they are heros in the GOP and are now free to campaign free of GWB for various cansidates.

Trader Rick said...

Katie Couric: the Peter Principle is alive and well!!

David M said...

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Donald Douglas said...

I blogged on the Weekly Standard piece as well - one of the best recent articles ripping to shreds the irrational left.

Have a great holiday!

Gayle said...

"The progressives have progressed beyond all reason." I like that! It's so very true.

As nutty as they are, I'm still concerned about 08 because there are so many people who are still uninformed. I wrote about one of them today and she's not really all that uninformed because I've been at her for ten years but haven't made a dent! It's truly maddening. :(

I'm going to miss Tony Snow, too, Goat. He's truly a decent man. I pray he beats cancer. I wouldn't go to the links for any of those liberal websites if you did provide them. I went to the Daily Kos once and that was more than a rather basically sane person can take. :)

Donald Douglas said...

Updated my blogroll - welcome aboard at Burkean Reflections!

Burkean Reflections

Goat said...

Thanks Donald and welcome to the Barnyard.
Gayle some old Dems refuse to believe the party has left them so they frown and deny it, It ain't the party of Roosevelt or JFK anymore or even Scoop Jackson and just refuse to admit it and some actually like the socialist benefits failing to understand how bad they really are.