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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Roundup

The dog days of August are always slow for news unless you want to cover floods and power outages and not the positive gains in Iraq. I have been watching some of the fringe candidates for POTUS on Cspan, Kucenich and Paul, and what was interesting was the people around them and the questions asked. The Dems ask the candidates what can be done for them on a personal level. The GOP voters ask what can be done for the country, to me that is a huge difference. We, the GOP, look at the macrosphere and they dwell on the microsphere and selfish demands, gays, abortion, perverts, illegal alians, atheists, etc. ad finitum.
So the GOP is left to save the free world once again from totalitarianism, once again in a depressed political climate. Hey we have done it many times before and we can do it again !
Dem. David Obey is on Cspan promoting his book "Raising Hell for Justice", seems he he lifting the wrong force up for justice, last I looked hell had Satan for a leader, does he really want to lift the underworld up? Watching the DNC of late , that seems what they want to do and he confirms it.


WomanHonorThyself said...

good roundup Goat..long time no see!

Gayle said...

"Raising Hell for Justice". *sigh* You made a good point, Goat. Why in the world would someone name a book that? Well, when dealing with Democrats there really aren't any surprises left, are there?