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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Socialism And The New Democrat Party

There are a couple of must read articles at the American Thinker on that very topic. The first one by James Lewis explains the connection well and explores the psychology of it .

"Everything must be different!" or "Alles muss anders sein!" was a slogan of the Nazi Party. It is also the heart's desire of every Leftist since Karl Marx. Nazism was a deeply revolutionary creed, a fact that is always denied by the Left; but it's true. Hitler and his criminal gang hated the rich, the capitalists, the Jews, the Christian Churches, and "the System". They went through their Leftist phase early in life, and then went on to discover Aryan racial purity as their beau ideal. (As a swarthy Italian, Mussolini preferred to appeal to ancient Roman imperial glory).

The other is by Jeffery Schmidt on the Democrat's abandonment of the middle that Bill Clinton claimed but has since been lost to the loud far left nutroots of Kos and ko., I don't think they can fool the folks much longer.

The story implied a shaky, if not outright false, premise: that the Democrats had found their way to the middle in the 2006 midterm elections. No such thing happened. Pelosi, Reid and party strategists recruited enough "centrist" candidates in the South and Midwest to beat out-of-touch or hapless Republicans, giving the Democrats slim majorities in Congress. What has this new centrism translated into in terms of legislation this year? Well, not much, unless you consider proposals for higher taxes and more regulation on the oil and gas industry moderate. Or the backdoor attempt at socializing medicine through legislation that aims at a multibillion dollar expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Or the endless calls for withdrawal from Iraq and efforts to undercut our military there.
Judging from words and deeds, the center of gravity in the Democrat Party remains decidedly left, as party leaders and architects intend it to be. The centrist Democrats elected in 2006 were, well, useful idiots, or tools for the party's leadership to retake Congress and press ahead with their leftwing agenda.

While you are at American Thinker's site you may as well catch this list of elite Old Media blunders of recent years, like Rathergate, the Beauchamp affair, Jayson Blair and Steven Glass, all leftys, compiled by Randall Hoven. Is this really a new phenomenon, I doubt it, the Elite Old Media got away with it for years till the new media of talk radio and the internet are now able to easily fact check them and then break the real news. No wonder the old print media is struggling so bad, it's sad, I love newspapers and magazines, they're great for trips to the 'john' or on the road. I don't want to read jabs at war policy in sports reports, or "global warming" in August weather stories, which has been unseasonably mild here. If I want celebrity gossip and outlandish 'news', I'll by a tabloid rag, if I buy a "Newspaper" I expect serious unadulterated news, not agenda driven punditry masquerading as news. Of course when they print unbiased material the left screams that they are rightwing mouth pieces, ie Fox News.
I actually agree with Kos on one point the old media is not the mainstream media anymore, MSM, implies bloggers are not mainstream, so I am going to use OME, old media elite, from now on. That could be, Oh Me...

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