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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oops, Skipped a Day

The days pass fast enough that I don't need to get ahead of myself, anyway, my I Aunt and I got in a good but slow and hot round of golf this morning, we were behind the Ladies club Thursday outing. Hey my Aunt was the one complaining how slow they were not me, she is an avid golfer and likes to get on around the course. My old group back in Al, always walked, and our fivesome,at times, would push riding twosomes around the course. We all played well and hit when ready, no worry about the others unless they were in the way, 'away' etiquette was abandoned till we were greenside. I hate slow play!
Meanwhile, the burned Iraqi child I posted about last night, Great News! The Children's Burn Foundation is going to step up. That is why I love America so much, no other nation stepped up and said "No Problem, we will help you". It took less than 24 hours and paperwork was in motion, he will be treated by one of the top plastic surgeons in the world, a miracle worker by many accounts.
Pray for our fellow citizens in the midwest getting hammered by floods and tornadoes, send what aid you can and pray hard for them. My visiting Aunt lives in that area, Northeast of Chicago, so we spent the evening going over weather reports, talking golf and various ways to drive out of California heading East, Yosemite or Tahoe.

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Gayle said...

"Hello" to your Aunt.

I'm so glad to hear that the child is going to be treated. I don't see how anyone can do such a thing to a child or to anyone else. Anyone who can perform such a miserable action has to be devoid of all compassion. "Religion of Peace" my butt!