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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend Rambler

Bidwell House in Chico, as Sutter's right hand man John Bidwell has a hand in much of NoCal's history, though involved in the gold rush from its very start with valuable strikes in the nearby Feather river, He was an agriculturalist and launched the massive orchard industry that today drives the region. That is not an oak tree, it is a southern magnolia, and the biggest I have ever seen and I am from the deep south.

I guess this would be called spanish-colonial architecture, a side view. They have hourly tours and I just missed the start of one and didn't have time to wait around. My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks and that would be something she will enjoy so I'll be back. This was the first house in Ca. to have indoor plumbing and toilets.

The carriage house, fire wagon front and center.

Dang one of my favorite places is fixing to get hammered by a massive hurricane, Jamaica, I am praying for you. I have been there twice, once for the reggae Sunsplash Festival with a buddy, young and crazy, dang few chicks to our great disappointment and again on my honeymoon, much better. It is a gorgeous and very poor nation outside the inclusive resorts with an extremely friendly culture. I have explored the island by motorcycle and it is a tinfoil shack town outside the resort areas, our camera was stolen in baggage handling the first time, dumb ass, it wasn't mine, and my ex has the other pics, so alas I have only my memory. I have ridden deep into the Blue Mtns. chasing dreams. Jamaica, I feel for you. Folks, Send a shiny penny as you can, to Peru as well. I know fresh roast blue mountain coffee, the best, and a Jamaican sunrise and aged Appleton rum, the best, on the rocks at sunset, a twist of lime, latin jazz....
Pray for them !

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