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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend Roundup: Updated

I went up to Chico in Butte county to find a covered bridge over Butte creek, the creek and a view of the buttes framing this pretty canyon.

The bridge, foot traffic only now and some more of the buttes in the background, the remains of ancient lava flows. I don't know about the gold history here but the tailing piles from dredging operations are evidence of some history.

Built in 1890 and over 200 feet long and like the Nyes Crossing bridge near Grass Valley was a toll bridge and cost a nickel for a person on horseback to cross. The creek is shallow and easy to ford in the summer but I imagine the owners made a pretty penny in the winter. This is the only other covered bridge in Ca. within day trip distance for me, there are about 10 others scattered around NoCal mostly along the coast with one other gold country bridge in Yosemite NP. I guess I will continue my search for old mines and 'ghost' towns lost in the foothills and time.
The third GOP debate was this morning and clearly four of those on the stage should not have been there, S. Brownback, T. Thompson, T. Tancredo and the wacky Dr. Paul. I thought Mitt and Rudy showed why they are the frontrunners and Duncan, John and Mike at least that they are serious candidates possibly angling for Veep. I do not know what it is about Sen. Brownback that grates on me so much but I don't like the guy, maybe it is his holier than thou attacks and whiney attitude when called on his antics. Tommy, Tom, and the loonbat Dr. just don't have it. I like Tom Tancredo alot and he was the first politician I ever gave money to and a reason I joined the GOP but he just isn't ready for the hot seat of POTUS. He would be awesome as head of BICE, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, though. Tommy Thompson just comes across as goofy and uninformed though he would be good in HHS as would Gov. Huckabee. Dr. Paul is our moonbat and a reliable no vote in the House over spending and taxation, I like his Constitutional stance , to bad he barely understands it.
Mitt will win the Ames, Iowa straw poll in a few days to add to his growing list of straw poll victories, it is the strength of the second place finisher that will thin the ranks further. The second tier candidates need a good showing to carry on their candidacies.
Update: Terrorist dry run or a real attempt, Michelle has the details.

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Gawfer said...

Those are some wonderful pics again goat. Have you been to Columbia yet?

The main street in town turns into a street called Italian Bar Rd just beyond St. Charles Saloon and will lead you to a dirt rd. Within seconds of hitting the dirt, you'll see to your left about 800' below the south fork of the Stanislaus River. Breathtaking. Follow Italian Bar for about 10 miles, and you'll eventually cross the river as a small stream. Keep going and you'll eventually end up in Twain Harte. There are many old mines on that rd, but be careful as some are still working mines, and prospectors carry guns out there. The road is drivable is a sedan, but pick up or 4x4 is advisable.