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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Baby Rat snake, nonvenomous constrictor, on the hunt for grasshoppers and such, the active hunter of the snake world.

Baby Northern Pacific rattler on the hunt for grasshoppers and such, bite and sit back and wait for your prey to die, these little guys are really dangerous as they will inject all their venom and an adult can control it and may release little if any venom in a defensive strike.
Why you may ask am I writing about snakes, well other than I am an amateur herpetologist and snakes are my favorites, yes I can wrangle them Steve Erwin style. Dang, we lost a good nut there, my prayers for his young family. Anyway, I am no longer a 'crawly amphibian' in the TTLB ecosystem, The Barnyard has evolved to a 'slithering reptile', thanks to the growing number of folks that stop by for a bit of Americana, conservative politics, and positive reporting on the war and decide a crosslink is a good idea.
I have met many very interesting, very well informed folks from a broad swath of America and hope to grow that connection. I have seen alot written about the conservative online community and lamenting its not stronger, I would say it is very strong, just in the undercurrent, the one that dominates. The frothy content of liberal moonbats of course appears on the surface but Michelle Malkin has two blogs in the top 15 and hers is #3, HotAir is #13. I would say we are there and in force ready to fight, we are helping win fights in Congress. When I look through the various compilers of rankings of the blogosphere I see a pretty even mix of a mish mash that is America.
The main thing I have noted is the level of commentary, the right argues issues the left they hope for VP Cheney's PS Tony Snows death and dream of a socialist state that lets them do drugs all day on the state dole.
I guess George Soros isn't paying them enough to be volunteers for the cause of socialism so now they want to unionize, what a union to demand unless you financially support them they will stop writing. Oh, what a blessing that would be for us conservative Republicans, Kos has already walked off the edge and he is claiming to own the Democrats.
Ok, guys and gals time to saddle up, our fight is not amongst ourselves, it is against defined political ideologies, insipid socialism and islamo-fascism, that the Democrats either want to concede to or implement. I don't have time to load this post up with hyperlinks because they are so easy to find, ask if you have a question.
Enough of that, lets go for a ride with Mitt Romney and his boys, he is running the perfect campaign, in my opinion. Remember we have more voice in the net world than the left tilted MSN would ever report.


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