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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Tirade

If there is one conspiracy theory that really burns my tail is all this talk of a North American Union and one World Order under a Global Government, it is all hype with no basis in fact. Nobody, I mean nobody, in the US Canada or Mexico supports such a union, the 'Amero' is a fabrication of a paranoid mind. Trade and security are the basic elements of freedom and prosperity, isolationism is the basic element of tyranny, North Korea, Cuba, and Iran come to mind. Free and open trade does not mean free and open borders nor does joint security talks with our direct neighbors with whom we share thousands of miles of border mean we are becoming one NAU. Trade and security pacts between the US, Canada and Mexico are a very good idea, goods and services should be able to legally move smoothly between us, as it builds up all.
Mexico now has a true reformist President in Calderone and he has an ambitious plan to stop his country's drain of brains and workers to the North by building up Mexico, it has the resources and the labor force to really grow and fast once the corruption is countered and the socialists are proven wrong. I am all for the fence but the best way to stop illegal immigration here is to give them a chance at home. The global economy is a fact that we cannot deny, imposing tariffs on foreign goods will only draw tariffs on ours, I don't believe we want that.
If Ford, GM and Chrysler want to grow , they should go build plants in Mexico, Brazil, Africa, India and China just as Toyota and Honda did here and there so the shipping charges are lost and jobs are provided building name recognition and product loyalty. The unions are responsible for destroying the manufacturing industry in America with their unrealistic Marxist demands, not the free traders, and are working hard to bankrupt many cities here in Ca. including the state. I am a licensed contractor and I can't do free volunteer work for my local school district because I am not union, so the district has to pay at least triple what I would charge as a private contractor or donate for free, wasted money going to somebody with no local connection., to top it off I am not even allowed to bid on the job since I have no employees to pay a prevailing wage even if it is simple one man work, in other words I can't go fix a broken window for free as a gift to my community's schools.
Yea, unions have their uses in unliberal countries but not the US, here if you want more money , simply work hard and do a good job and politely ask for a raise every 6 months or so. Hmm, I have never been union, I started my trade at minimum wage, $4.25, and now own my own company with some connections you could only dream of, its called hard dedicated work ethic.
What I don't understand is the conservatives jumping on this socialist propaganda bandwagon. I challenge anybody to name one person in a prominent position and provide footnotes that supports a North American Union. I seriously doubt you can.


Adam said...

About the idea of an "amero"...I would suggest you go to the Atlanta Federal Reserve website (http://www.frbatlanta.org/) and type in "amero" into the search engine, see what you get.

Indeed, when you start looking for the push, the political or philosophical groundwork, for a common currency, you don't have to look far. In the Council on Foreign Relation's publication earlier this year, Foreign Affairs, the lead article was titled "The End of National Currency." His thesis is that current instability within the M1 and M2 money supplies due to "monetary nationalism" will only be remedied by one of two things: a return to the gold standard for our currencies, or a regional based currencies such as the Euro. He unequivocally concludes that gold is without a place in the globalization of our time, and that leaves us with one other alternative.

Another, Regional Currency Arrangements in North America. The white papers, the study groups, they're all there. The theoretical underpinnings necessary are being laid; the Euro came into existence in 1999 as a purely electronic currency, and it was nearly 50 years after the first coal and steel agreement in Europe. Now there is the common currency.

I'm sure you've seen the CNBC video where the "amero" is discussed.

One person in a prominent position? David Rockefeller. The people with whom David Rockefeller has worked in the past 50 years is a who's-who of American politics. Footnote? His autobiography "Memoirs", 2002, he said...
For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents√Čto attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

There is another book that I've only recently discovered myself, which was published in 1944, titled "Federation: The Coming Structure of World Government." In it, in the essay on Pan-Americanism the following is said...
The independent nation of the New World have not merely the will to keep the peace among themselves and to co-operate in the interest of all; they are also rapidly developing the institutions for harmonious collaboration. Among these institutions are the Pan American Union the permanent secretariat.

Michael Gallis, a lecturer and globalization cheerleader, gave a presentation at the 2007 North American SuperCorridor Coalition meeting in Fort Worth, wherein he called for the economic integration into a global trading bloc, like Europe, of North America. The video is no longer online, but it was for a time, and you could have seen just how blatant he was.

Skepticism is good, and I am not a socialist, but the move towards regional and global governance is apparent everywhere.

Gayle said...

Okay, okay, Goat! I get you! :)

There are many conservative bloggers out there who do believe it, especially regarding a NAU, and had me going too. My problem of course is with the southern border and my not being able to understand why it's still such a problem.

As for Unions, I remember my father belonging to the Ironworker's Union after it became impossible to make a living in the gold mines. I don't remember what he thought of that union, I just remember him having to pay his dues. He said it was necessary in order to find good work as a Master Welder. Whether the Union was a good idea back then or not I don't know, because I don't really know that much about unions (other than reading about some of them being corrupt) except that neither my husband or myself have ever belonged to one either. Hard work and perseverance has always been our way.

Goat said...

Adam I have seen and heard those arguments before, The Euro made since for Europe because of the multitude of small countries so close together and the difficulties of exchange rates but here the dollar is accepted in both Mexico and Canada. Papers and theories are written all the time though that does not mean they are operational, just that they are theories for discussion and those have been discounted, nobody in the US would accept it, remember we vote here.
Are global trade and security important? Yes, extremely so and there should be conferences and meetings of the global leaders to discuss them and work to coordinate as much as possible in these areas that does not mean they want to establish one world gov't. Inthat order Rockefeller is a business man and recognizes that global trade and prosperity encourage growing nations and increased integration into a global economy is also key to security. Geeze, I am just a redneck country boy and I understand economics at least that well. The Rockefeller family while still powerful finacially are but one family among millions now. I have never heard of the other guy and I am quite the political junky. Discussing theories is what thinktanks do, thats how they work but that does not mean they are recomendations for real life policy moves and wild speculation by conspiracy nuts. The super highway is slightly exagerated as a scare tactic by the teamsters unions trying to their union jobs from being outsourced as well. They like the other unions are pricing themselves right out of a job.
Yea some of the kleptocrats at the UN would love to start taxing the world but that ain't going to happen either. The US people would personally throw them out if they tried.