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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Must read from Der Spiegel, even the lefty press in Europe is seeing the progress in Iraq made by our troops and paints an even handed portrait but gets a couple facts wrong. The Bush administration never said Saddam planned 9/11 or even claimed he had anything to do with it, only that he had supported and endorsed terrorist activities against the US and our allies and was pursuing the acquisition of nuclear arms not that he had them.

Meanwhile, Victory Caucus has a revamped site and I added their RSS feed to the sidebar for up to date news from the front and IKA's Roll which has links to many more Pro-America, Pro-Troops, conservative bloggers, The Barnyard is a proud member of both. Mikes Yon and Totten both have new posts up, Yon, found things so boring he went to Indonesia for a break.
I have also added direct links to the Romney campaign and news from there, enjoy and thanks for visiting.

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Gayle said...

Good news, Goat, but you can't expect Der Spiegel to get everything right! That would probably be a first. :)

BTW and off topic: Romney is doing very well and looking better to me all the time. 2008 is going to be very interesting.