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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

I perused a few more imbedded reporters dispatches from Iraq today, most major weeklys have reporters there now, why, because it is a whole lot safer. NRO has The Tank and TWS has two former Marines embedded, Matt Sanchez and Jeff Emanuel .
Bill Roggio's new organization helped sponsor Mike Totten's recent embed and has an embed there now at Gen. Petreus' request and invite.
There are still hotspots with some serious clashes still to come, the Mahdi army for one but a vast majority of Iraq is very peaceful and humdrum day to day life. AQ is being routed by its former supporters in it's former bases and is now widely hated by that base. The recent truck bombings in the Kurdish region will win them no fans, only a death warrant. Mike Totten visited that region a few months back and described it as more like SoCal than Iraq. The Kurds will get the bad guys justly, they are a good people, they don't do the ethnic cleansing thing, they follow just rules of law and are our strongest Iraqi allies. Other Iraqis have realized that we are there to help them not conquer or rule them but to free them from that.
The political process will recoagulate along Iraqi ideas and judgements and we must help provide basic guide lines but we cannot provide those Iraqi ideas. That is why our new approach is working by getting out and talking to the people and finding out what they need and then doing their best to provide it, power, water, sewage management, etc., not riveting news but so very basic to what we are trying to achieve on the ground.
This story in particular caught my eye from W.Thomas Smith imbedded for The National Review's The Tank about soldiers finding a badly injured child on patrol and making sure he and his family were looked after. It is a moving post from the depths of Iraq. We are winning the ground game now very easily, hey we say alott about grassroots and politics here, well, we're teaching it there Iraqi style. Their heros are starting to emerge and make themselves known. This is a generational war that must be won at the grassroots level as well as the military level. The jihadis cannot help the people, they can only threaten and harm.
I have been reading the Quran and along with DR. Spencer's new book "The Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam Isn't" and his posts at at HotAir are very illuminating to what we face as a nation, especially one based on Judeo-Christian fundamentals and a free Constitution. I admit my opinion of Islam is not good,I see it as a false religion built by Satan, himself, Mohammed, the "False Prophet". I am just a redneck countryboy and if it sticks out this obviously to me it has to be too millions of others as well.
I hate to say it but my generation will see a nuclear device go off in one or more of our major cities in the US, are you ready? I am a survivalist to an extent so if you want advise email me, firearms, ammo, food and water.
Think about a bit, are you ready? The war is just starting, not ending!?!


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