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Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Meander: Updated

Mike Yon has one of the most important dispatches he has written posted about what is happening on the ground in Iraq. This is an incredible story and one of the most important of the war and totally missed by our MSM because it is fabulous news about Baquba and suggests that we are indeed winning as Al Quaida is openly mocked and made fun of by Sunnis in the videos Mike shares.
It is like someone flipped a switch in Iraq and things started working, I suspect that someone is Gen. David Petreus. The progress is not just happening it is snowballing exponentially and is really bad news for those that have hitched their political futures to failure in Iraq or more specifically Republican and Bush failure.

Update: Trader Rick has a moving account of a Military funeral in Texas.
Update: Dr. Spencer's latest in the exploration of the Qu'ran is up at HotAir.

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