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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend Rambler

The Texas GOP held their convention and straw poll this weekend and despite busloads of Paulites in his home state he only pulled a distant third and Duncan Hunter pulled of a strong victory with Fred coming in second, Rudy and Mitt didn't come play and thus didn't do very well. The Ron Paul supporters figured this was their best chance to get a little bounce and instead got bounced. I imagine his freaky followers probably turned off your typical Texan Republican, and his loonbat anti-war moonies would have reminded them more of Cindy Sheehan than serious GOP voters. I am glad Duncan Hunter did well, his message and style would resound in Texas and he worked hard for it with good retail politikin. Can Ron Paul win anything but stacked online polls?
College football cranks up this weekend, and apparently some eary upsets are to be had, Div. I-AA Appalachian St. beat#5 Michigan 34-32 signalling a wild year in the polls. I pay little attention to the opening polls as they really tell you nothing, I don't start watching them till around Thanksgiving when they actually mean something much like politics. My Crimson Tide at least has started with a strong win with yet another new coach at the helm, I have lost count recently we have been through so many. We should have kept Schula but oh well. I believe a coach should be given a complete recruiting cycle unless he is a complete disaster but to our nearsighted boosters if you don't beat Auburn the first year they call for your head.
Update: Welcome to the Barnyard Thunder Runners!
Update: Ron Paulites I consider you no better than loonbat libs wanting to abandon the Iraqi people to the slaughter of AQ and Iran and you will not be given a platform here. You disgust me with your tactics and behaviour as much as Kos and Huffington do so bug out. I like Dr. Paul, it is his supporters I despise, they sound like Kossacks or Huffypo infiltrators not GOP voters, he has y'all to thank for his miserable showing.


marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom goat...interesting that of allll the animals in the barn you picked the goat...hmmm now i wonder what i would have chosen...can't be a pig...not kosher...have a great week

Goat said...

Marallyn, it was given to me, Goat Gruff of Aesop's fables and it stuck, plus I am a country boy and goats are cool, though I prefer to think of my self as a mountain goat. I like goats, resilient critters.

Gayle said...

Speaking of Goats, you asked for pictures of goats once, and I sent you several. Did you ever get them?

I'm in the dark regarding your liking Ron Paul but not liking his supporters. I'm sure there's a logical explanation and I just don't know what it is.

Off topic: It's okay about the house in Allegheny. I doubt if it's still standing anyway. It wasn't much back when we lived there, more or less just a glorified one-bedroom cabin, but thanks for trying! :)

Goat said...

Yes I got the pictures Gayle. I like DR.Paul because he is a small government anti tax and spend conservative. I don't like his supporters because they act like the moonbats and use the same talking points.

Gayle said...

Paul is for withdrawing the troops, isn't he? At least that's what I thought. I do like his views on small government and taxes. I know what you mean about his supporters... they sound like liberal Democrats! Whatever he is for or against though, it doesn't look like he is going to be a front runner, but there's still a lot of time left. I guess anything could happen!

Goat said...

Yes Paul is for immediate withdrawal/surrender and harps the illegal, immoral talking points of the loonbats.