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Saturday, September 15, 2007

President Bush Meets With Milbloggers

That is so cool, and they were free to blog about the hour long meeting, Pres. Bush took questions and talked candidly, on the record, about the war. They got to take a few pictures, and were given a guided tour of the Oval office, what an honor. Bill Roggio and Bill Ardolino were there via video conference since they are embedded in Iraq, Bush teased them for not being in a suit, grin. The others there that I know have posted are:
NZ Bear at The Victory Caucus
Matt at Blackfive
John at Castle AArgh
Mohammed at Iraq The Model ,surprise, but awesome blog, I check there alot.
Mrs. GreyHawk at The Mudville Gazette, GreyHawk is deployed and blogging.
Steve Shippert at ThreatsWatch
Ward Carroll at Military.com
A Soldiers Perspective
Some great reads folks, check them out. One of the guys from OpFor should have been invited as well. Anyway, he invited them there to thank them for their work and honest reporting from the war. Kudos Pres. Bush, that was a smart move!
Update: Give these guys a look see! full site here.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I hadnt heard bout this..thanks for sharing my friend!!!

Gayle said...

I hadn't heard about it either. I like the picture, and I think you are right, it was a smart move on the part of President Bush.

Goat said...

Read their thoughts on the matter, Gayle, very refreshing.I picked it up at Bill A.'s site first and followed links from there. I check in on most of those sites pretty regularly and I got the feeling the Pres might as well or at least someone close to him does.