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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ahmadinejad Comes To New York

The Iranian nut job President will address the UN General Assembly and that is his perogative as a head of state. He will also be granted airtime on 60 minutes tonight, CBS must really want to crwl into the ratings bucket. He was denied a visit to Groung Zero but will meet with 9/11 families and the ani-war whackos and speak at Columbia University that bastion of progressive thought.

Michell Malkin has counter-protest information and other news here and here.

Little Green Footballs has lots of additional information so scroll around over there.


Phil said...

I think that Ahmadinejad is just using this as his propaganda for back home in Iran to make himself look stronger in their eyes. Also to suck up to the Anti-American Leftist.

Goat said...

Phil, that's all it is, I agree.

defiant_infidel said...

My understanding was that he was denied security provided by the NYPD, although he still gets protection from our Secret Service as an alleged "diplomat" to the debauchery of the UN. He also is free to travel within 25 miles of the UN building... Ground Zero is certainly well in his legal traveling reach.

So..... we already have allowed this turd on our soil, might as well see something good come of it. My hope is that the nutless little monkey will hop in a cab and make the journey... because I firmly believe if he does, it will be his last.

What is going to happen? OUR Secret Service is going to start shooting ALL of NYC as they descend on this slime and rip him limb from limb? That would take some serious 'splainin' in the aftermath, wouldn't it?

Finally, a useful purpose of seconds for that liberal creton Bob Barker to flash a big grin and sing out one last,

"Come on down!"

Yeah, POS... come visit real America with your wreath for the terrorists! It would be leave his speaking podium at Columbia vacant within seconds.