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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ROFLMAO, Catch It While You Can!!!!: Updated

Video oourtesy of OpFor, don't drink anything while watching!

Record it if you know how. Try here if the above link doesn't work.

Update:I figure this is as good as spot as any to add some Michelle Malkin video from HotAir:

Michelle has more here on one of the final visuals of the video, on Shiri Negari that died in a terrorist bus bomb attack.


Gayle said...

That first video was hysterical, Goat! A laugh first thing in the morning is really a great feeling. Thanks! :)

The second video was also good, certainly not funny in any way, but very true. We do have to many people in America who are to lazy to research anything and simply want to blame America for everything. I also think it will take more disasters to wake some of them up. There will always be some though who will only blame it on America. Idiots!

Goat said...

Gayle, thats why I put below the funny one for, contrast.

Phil said...

Shiri Negari that died in a terrorist bus bomb attack.

This is the exact reason why I want to take those idiot Liberals and rip their heads off their necks and shit down their necks because it's the Liberals who are causing the friction in winning this war on Terrorism and getting more innocent children and women killed. This too is why I consider Liberals to be the Enemie within.

Goat said...

Easy big guy, I agree but lets keep it to family language,eh. Besides the lefty moonbats are no longer "liberals", Joe Lieberman is a classic liberal. They are socialist terrorist sympathizers, but we don't need to go Zarqawi on them.

Phil said...

I realize that goat, but anytime I see the innocent kids getting killed and then hear the moonbat leftists giving excuses to pull out it just makes my blood boil and some have even said that they could see flames shooting out of my nostrils and smoke coming out of my ears and my eyes turn bright red.

Goat said...

Just focus that fire into a lazer beam Phil and we can make sure the moonbats remain on the margins.