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Friday, September 21, 2007

How Does It Feel MoveOn Moonbats?

The Senate has voted 72-25 to condemn the MoveOn ad attacking Gen. Petreaus and 70-27 to not cut off funding to the War effort. How does it feel after attending all those anti-war protests and maxing out your credit cards to donate to MoveOn and elect the Democrats? All that hard work down the drain, gosh it's got to smart a bit.
No Karl Rove frog marches, no Fitzmas, no impeachment of Chimpy Bushitler, heck you can't even pull off a protest march without looking like a bunch of stinky communist clowns. This Kos Diarist has the right idea, go after the Democrats who abandoned you, that's a great idea.(Hattip: Red State)oh cry me a river.

The simple fact is that we were just stomped on and thrown under the bus. Over 20 Democrats agreed with a unified republican caucus that you and I and 3.2 million MoveOn members are dirty scumbags for questioning a sock-puppet of a general that spouted lie after propagandistic lie. Repeating: our friends just punched us in the gut and kicked us in the nuts.


Trader Rick said...

Who were the 25 Morons who voted agaisnt the resolution?

Goat said...

Hillary was one of them , BO didn't vote.

AnonymousCoward said...

It makes me feel horrible.

I am really said that half the democrats in the senate don't have a spine.

Goat said...

The no votes are here

Gayle said...

LOL! They are so retarded! I love this, Goat. Thanks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yehudi01 said...

Fantastic post, Goat! Movements like MoveOn simply weaken a nation. Good to see they got shut down up on the Hill.