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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Is A "Progressive"?

In a word, a socialist but read this interesting piece at the American Thinker by James Lewis anyway. He lays out what kind of person is a self-proclaimed progressive.

So what kind of person has to label himself "Progressive?" Obviously somebody who believes he (or she) understands real progress better than the rest of us. Because if you are a Progressive it implies that everybody else, let's face it, is a Regressive, or maybe just a Stagnant. It's a smirky, self-flattering way of saying you're a lot better than the rest.
So what kind of ego needs do you have to have to call yourself that? And what do you believe about others? In fact, Progressives must believe that other people are worse than they are; that only they can Save the Planet, or create Peace on Earth, or Solve Inequality, or whatever sin bedevils mankind.


Yehudi01 said...

That was profound...it's a very ego-centric position to take..kinda reminds me of Rev. Al Sharpton. Not sure why.

Gayle said...

It's a brilliant analysis of the progressive mind, Goat. "Progressivism" is indeed a euphanism for "socialism". These people have to change the language so they can hide who they really are and what they are really up to, otherwise they wouldn't get anywhere. They hide behind lies!

Goat said...

I figured my readers would like this one. That is exactly the tone of many of the lefty bloggers.