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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Has Fred Thompson Done?

He has done little if anything to help the Ca GOP when we could have used him, he wasn't even mentioned in the recall when we elected another GOP actor, Arnie. I am Ca GOP so I know how much Fred has helped us, Zero, Zip, Nada, not there, never heard of him. Reagan was devoted to the CA GOP first and foremost, acting second. Fred has been invisable to us, if he was for real we could have used him to help our state party, but no, partying in Hollywood was too important to him. Fred is a Hollywood phoney pure and simple.

Update: Well I found out why he hasn't helped the Ca GOP, he also lives in a tony Virginia suburb of DC and is too much a DC insider of the K streeet clan.


Trader Rick said...

Wow! why so virulent, dude? What's got your panties in a bunch? As what's her name said in the interrogation to Traitor Skelton --Take it easy!

Chill bro. Have a beer and watch the tide play or sumpin!

Goat said...

Virulent, I haven't taken the gloves off yet, Rick. I have been trying to find something to like about the guy as a potential running mate for Mitt and I can't. I had never heard of him till this summer and now he is creeping me out. He wants Bin Laden to get due process when he should be shot on site. He is soft on the border and was a squish in the Senate. You think Mitt is a flip flopper wait till Fred's record comes out. He can't hide behind Federalism forever.

Goat said...

Fred represented Libyan terrorists
Fred thinks OBL should get Due Process rights

Goat said...

Fred is a DC insider and was the GOP ramrod and bill sponsor for that bloated bureaucracy the DHS.

Trader Rick said...

It doesn't matter. If the GOP nominates a liberal like Mitt or as you think, an evil conservative devil like Fred, it doesn't matter. The GOP must nominate the candidate who can best stop the democrat communist/traitor/morons... Hillary-Obama in the White House will surely hasten the fall of the Republic...maybe even the civilized world. Get ready to be fitted for a headrag or a noose.

defiant_infidel said...

I have followed Fred for many years and wanted him to run instead of Dole back in '96. Initially, I was a strong supporter. He has clearly stated he regrets his support of McCain Feingold and, although I didn't agree, he had reason he seemed to think was principled for not voting to impeach Prez. Bubba.

I was chiefly chagrined in his direction, however, with the overnight appointment of Spencer Abraham as campaign manager number 2... which he altered almost immediately following after the winds of political voice turned very negative. Now THAT was a Clinton like, finger-in-the-air move! And there's no acceptable excuse for it; neither ignorance of Abraham's record of terrorist coddling nor finding it acceptable if he had done his homework.

All that being said, he does seem more Conservative than anyone else running on our side that can beat the Hildebeast. And I'll say it yet again... I would vote for syphilis before voting for that witch.

Goat said...

I agree that we must put our strongest team possible together to beat Hillary. I don't think Obama will be her running mate though. She will pick a southern gov. Warner or Richardson .
DI, it was the Abraham thing that got me to digging in a bit and I don't like what I have found out about Fred. He can't run as a Washington outsider when he is an elite DC insider, see the WaPo article linked above. Now his campaign is crying like Clinton about oppo research sites, well duh, thats part of running, researching your opponents weaknesses. This is my last post about Fred, time to see what he has got to offer. The next two debates will be telling, Sept 27th in NH and Oct 7th in Michigan, that one Mitt will win easily as it is about business, so Fred has one shot to make it.
Mitt Romney/Duncan Hunter '08 For a secure and prosperous future.