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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Eagles And The Turkey Buzzards Are Gathering In DC

The photo that was previously here is a photoshop, but as the left likes to say about Rathergate, fake but true. Code Pinkos support the killing of our troops by their very actions enboldening the enemy, just listen to what Bin Laden said in his last missive.

Update: Picture courtesy of the Defiant Infidel
Today's Democrat party is bought and paid for by Moveon. I ain't movin' !
This is going to be a colorful weekend on the Mall, lots of red, white and blue mixed with pink, yellow and black, I think we all know which colors belong to which group. I am hoping a blogger friend over at The Redhunter can crosspost here some of the festivities since he will be there if not don't forget to keep an eye on his site and Michelle will be there with her HotAir team so will Townhall blog, keep an eye on those as well for the Patriotic Gathering of Eagles and the outlandishly pathetic gathering of Code Pinkos, communists and aging hippies. I thought turkey buzzard would be a good descriptor for them as they attempt to feed off the honorable dead like carrion to feed their movement.
Heres to you Eagles, you do the US proud ! OOOOHRAAA!

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