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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Democrat's Hsu Fits

It looks like this scandle is vast and growing as the rightosphere has started digging in. Suitably Flip has the vast network laid out. He also asks the big questions."1) where is Hsu - a convicted con man and fugitive with no documented ability to turn a legitimate buck - getting these gobs of money, and 2) why is he squandering it on all these Democrats?"

HotAir has more including some more shady fund raising by Hillary.

Captain Ed has some more, and notes that Hsu openly gave to prominent Ca politicians including our Attorney General, no wonder they didn't go after him.


Trader Rick said...

OMG!!!! Don't tell me that the dems , as well as being dirty traitor morons are also CROOKS? With THEIR moral compass, who uh thunk it???

Gayle said...

I would like to see more of this come out on the MSM, at least Fox News, regarding Hillary's shady fundraising. How can they be ignoring this?

Gawfer said...

Cal AG? No wonder that fungus won't go away. Brown is nothing more than another boil on the butt of this state.

SOrry I haven't been by in a while. I haven't been anywhere lately with my work load.

Hope all is well in the foothills of God's country.

Daniel Ruwe said...

I don't think this is the first unethical thing Hillary has done. I think that most people realize that, and her supporters just don't really care.

Donald Douglas said...

Nice quick linkage post!

I don't think Hillary will be harmed by the scandal in the primaries, but if the GOP nominee plays his cards right (and maintains propriety on campaign finance), Hillary can be hammered in the general election.

Have a great Sunday!

Goat said...

She won't lose primary support because that's how the Democrats do business, they lie cheat and steal and it won't be on the MSM because 98% of the MSM is Democrat.
Yes, the GOP can use this to their advantage in the General election, as the Dems ran in '06 on GOP ethical lapses.