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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thank You !!!

I have met and crosslinked with so many wonderful folks from America and around the globe the last few weeks it is hard to thank everyone personally. A very special Thank You to the Milboggers that keep us informed, despite the MSM's direct desire to betray them as was evidenced in the MoveOn ad directed at Gen. Petraeus. I bet we are more united than the Democrats and their base loonbats would want to ever admit and they keep giving us ammo so lets use it !
Mount up, we have a herd to round up, the work is tough and thankless but it needs to be done, we can't sit on our asses and hope someone else does it for us! We might not like the results if we do.
Mitt Romney/Duncan Hunter '08 for a Secure and Prosperous America!


Trader Rick said...

Right On!! Duncan Hunter/Mitt Romney '08! With you all the way!

Gayle said...

Thank you too, Goat! :)

T said...

Keep up the good work, Goat!