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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Than Skeletons In Hillary's Closet

Its looking like she has alot of dirty Hsu's in there as well, this guy is the Democrat's 'Abramoff'. Bryan Preston has a run down of the latest posted at Hot Air. Imagine the outrage in the press if he was connected to the GOP, heck, there was more coverage of Sen. Craig's tappy toes than this. Wouldn't it be wild if Hillary had to withdraw from the race under a Senate ethics investigation?


Gayle said...

It would be wonderful if Hillary had to withdraw. It's not likely, but we can still dream, can't we? :)

Goat said...

We'll see how deep this goes, Gayle, Just think if Fred or Rudy had done the same, the calls to pull out would be overwhelming, or any of the GOP's candidates.
I know abit about the Abramoff thing as it touched a few surrounding districts to me. This is looking far worse than that and the Clinton Machine is the funnel. Hillary can't be amused that she's got Michelle and the Hot Air team digging around in her closet.

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shoprat said...

Skeletons in her closet?

There sure are. A lot of them died at convenient times in mysterious ways.

Only an enemy of Hillary would commit suicide by some of the methods they use.

I am doing some research. SNOPES denies the truth of this but it appears that they are failing on this subject.

Phil said...

The thing is that it's been well known that the Conservatives are easy to take down, meaning that they are taken down both from within through their own party plus on top of that all the Liberal Media Machine would play that case until people got sick and tired of hearing about it and then some.

Where if it's a candidate on the Left, it would be lucky to find a mention of one or two lines of it some where in the back of the paper.

Just shows the Liberal Propaganda at work and the double standards that they endorse.

Goat said...

Phil, it may be why the Conservative blogs actually have more relevance than the nutroots. We helped beat back shamnesty, Dubai Ports,the anti-war crowd and Harriet Meyers. What has the nutroots accomplished? zero, zip, nada!

Goat said...

ShopRat, send tips my way.