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Friday, September 07, 2007

Osama Comes Out Of His Cave: Updated

Bin Laden has a new video out, if it is him, with a freshly died beard. NBC has the transcript of it (hattip:Hot Air) out and he is mad at the Democrats for not stopping us from killing his thugs in Iraq and Afganistan and letting them set up a caliphate to destroy the West. Dang this thing sounds like a Code Pinko talking points memo, railing about big corporations, global warming, Kyoto and capitalism., with the exception of the religious stuff. He reveals more of his own desparation that he will be seen as the Muslim that woke up the Americans and nolonger can appeal to the Islamists so he appeals to our socialist moonbats to convert to Islam and overturn the US. He sounds like lefty socialist sycophant of Noam Chomsky saying we should be taking his advise and flee so he can regain the goodwill of the Sunnis that now hate Al Quaeda.
He talks of Jews and Christians being able to live in Arab lands without burning them, yea as second class citizens paying a protection tax. His jealousy of capitalism's success is so obvious it is funny. I guess people in donkey carts are easier to intimidate and control than folks driving Mercedes Benzes and armed with cruise missles. Well the Umma has him the thank for an increased US and Western prescence in the Middle-East not less and worse they appear to like having us there protecting them from him and his head chopping, child baking minion extremists. It seems to me that he is as much a communist as an islamist. I don't think he realizes Chomsky is not an influential person here but rather is considered a lefty kook by the majority of folks that have actually heard of him.
If I can find some in depth analysis by some experts I'll update.

Lots at the Counterterrorism Blog of course with an easier to read transcipt than NBC's.

Dr. Robert Spencer is all over it at Jihad Watch.

From Powerline is BinLaden a Kos diarist?

Steve Shippert at NRO's the Tank

Michael Ledeen in the Corner thinks its a muppet of OBL.

Pajamas Media has a round up of blogger reacts


Trader Rick said...

You're either with us or against us. Know your enemies, especially those from WITHIN.

Gayle said...

Trader Rick's comment has me a bit confused. Of course you're with us. Why would he believe otherwise?

As for Osama, do you think it's really him? He looks a bit different around the nose area to me. I could very easily believe it's a double, but who knows? Will we ever know?

Goat said...

Gayle, Rick's referring to madame Hillary and Osama's obvious support for lefty causes.
I don't know if it is OBL or not our intelligence believes it is him. Robert Spencer thinks the black beard is a sign for war, a posssible signal to cells to prepare to act and with the recent busts in Europe he could be right.

Donald Douglas said...

Great stuff - especially "Code Pink talking points"!

Amy Proctor said...

I think they propped Osama up and gave him a script. I believe he's near death... probably by the end of the year. That content about the soldier telling US politicians they should come on the beat with him in Iraq for a few days...I saw that (and was sickened by it) last week and it was fresh on CNN, I believe it was, or MSNBC.

I'm sickened by the soldiers who think they have some divine calling to speak out against the war for their uneducated reasons and end up prolonging it because OBL takes it as encouragement.

Goat said...

Amy, I have read the transcripts of the interview OBL refers to, it was with ABC, Newsbusters has it. They were just typical soldiers gripes not really that bad, long tours, hard work, ABC spun it a little though and I am sure that was OBL saw, if it was him.Funny that OBL seems to think that we don't know our MSM is a left wing spin machine and he believes them to represent us.

Anonymous said...

ooo.. ol' sand crabs shows up too.. great place you have