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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Midweek Reads: Updated

Amir Taheri has several interesting articles posted at Benador Associates, if you are interested in honest analysis of Middle Eastern news this is one of the best places to go. This one in particular caught my eye: How is the enemy doing,? Well go read up if you want to know.

The facts on the ground are that the two chief enemies of the new Iraq - the groups wearing the al Qaeda label and the Iran-backed Shiite militias - are not doing well. Indeed, one might say that both have already lost their bids for power and, the continued killings notwithstanding, are in the process of marginalization. The only way they could make a comeback is if Congress decides to legislate a victory for them.

There are many good reads there so take your time and mark it as a favorite.

Uodate: Jeff Emanuel is on the front lines reporting as he sees it.

Update: Mike Yon is back in Iraq after a needed break,I am sure. Meanwhile he has this posted about the General Lee, a now immortalized Stryker, thanks to Mike's reporting and his "Superman" dispatch. Don't forget to stop by Bill Ardolino's, Michael Totten's, and Bill Roggio's.

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